DC TV Podcasts Charity 2015: Supergirl Radio
18 May. 2015

DC TV Podcasts Charity 2015: Supergirl Radio

On the Supergirl Radio section of the big live DC TV Podcasts Cancer Research Fundraiser event that took place on May 16; Rebecca and regular guest host Michael Bailey (host of From Crisis To Crisis: A Superman Podcast) go even deeper into the trailer for CBS’ Supergirl with discussing Easter Eggs, what is now known about the series and whether the show should connect with Arrow/The Flash. They also take live listener questions and comments from the Mixlr chat about Supergirl. That and more on this special installment of Supegirl Radio for the Cancer Research Fundraiser of DC TV Podcasts!

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5 Responses

  1. DrAwkward says:

    Really awesome episode, sad I couldn’t catch it live and participate in chat / twitter, but what a highlight of my commute! From now until November you can just bring on different people to keep talking about the trailer. They might not all roll with the technical difficulties like consummate live-performer Michael Bailey, but I’ll be listening to each episode with rapt attention, hah. 😉 This is the kind of in-depth conversation that I love!

    I have to second Michael’s recommendation of Chase… the adventures of Cameron Chase, DEO Agent- sort of the X-Files or MIB of the DCU; she’s a really human, interesting character. The run was only 10 issues but she’d continue on as a supporting character in Manhunter- another DCU cult classic- Kate Spencer, prosecutor by day, vigilante by night series… also worth checking out.

    Perfect lead-in to the Flash finale tonight.

    • I think all of us podcasting on Saturday had a great time so if you want more commute fun, check out all of the shows that participated! http://www.dctvpodcasts.com/podcasts/

      Haha! That’s true, we could just keep talking about the trailer! 🙂

      Michael Bailey is such a pro, isn’t he? Saved my bacon Saturday a few times! And I also learned a great deal from him. I had forgotten that I not only had the issues, but had READ some of the story of Toyman killing Cat Grant’s son. Now, I need to re-read!

      I bought the Chase trade so that when talk about Hank Henshaw before the show starts, I can be more knowledgable about the DEO. It sounds great! I know a little about Kate Spencer, but not a ton so I’ll keep that in mind.

      Fun to be a DC TV fan, right? We’ve been getting some great stuff between Flash and Supergirl!

      Thanks for listening and commenting!

  2. […] can find the episode of Supergirl Radio where Rebecca and I talked about the trailer by clicking on this link.  I would also suggest diving into the podcast from the first episode because it’s a great […]

  3. Mike Poteet says:

    Awesome discussion, you two! I really enjoyed it, and liked all of the things you liked about the trailer.

    I do like the reversal of having Kara swoon for James, as opposed to always Jimmy swooning for Kara! I guess it could be construed as putting Kara in a traditional “girl’s role” – mooning over the dreamy guy – but I think the rest of the trailer makes it clear that she is not going to be like that. So the creative team seems to be both acknowledging and tweaking that element of the mythos.

    I was relieved that Cain and Slater turn out to be the Danvers – when news of their casting broke, I thought maybe they’d be Kara’s Kryptonian parents, and that would really have reduced it to just a cheap stunt casting. Good on them for taking the better road.

    I guess “National City” is a tip of the hat to DC Comics’ original name, National Publications? (I think I’m right on that…?)

    Rebecca mentioned how “Supergirl” will have a lot of the same elements as “The Flash.” I don’t watch “Arrow,” but I know Oliver has his support team, too. I wonder if this is reflecting a public interest in seeing superheroes who don’t generally go it alone? Even if the costumed hero is the one in the public eye, he or she is really part of a team. I wonder if this is the influence of the MCU, or if the MCU has just tapped into something first (or maybe some of each) – maybe our culture is more ready for (or hungering for?) stories of heroes who work together to accomplish great things?

    Again, a really great podcast, and for a great cause – my donation made. Looking forward to more, in November and before!

    • I can see both sides of the Kara/Jimmy stuff. I like the new take on him being more of a “grown man” who has matured into adulthood and is more sure of himself, but at the same time, I’ve always liked the Supes/Lois dynamic they have on Superman: The Animated Series and on SMALLVILLE. So, I’m a little torn. Hopefully, it will win me over.

      I’m glad that Helen and Dean are Kara’s foster parents, too! That means we’ll probably get to see lots of them!

      Ooh! I like your guess about National City’s name! Could be!

      The use of a support team is necessary for TV versus in comics because on TV, you can’t just have the hero monologue-ing to themselves the whole. They have to speak to other people or else, it would be weird and boring. You can get away with that in comics, but not so much onscreen. It’s not really a MCU thing as much as it is a screenwriting thing.

      Thanks for listening and for your donation!