Supergirl Radio – Season 0 – Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
24 Mar. 2015

Supergirl Radio – Season 0 – Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

This week on Supergirl Radio, your hosts Teresa Jusino and Rebecca Johnson cover news about CBS’ Supergirl TV series (including more casting news!), and are joined by Michael Bailey of the From Crisis to Crisis Superman podcast to discuss the DC animated film Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, starring Summer Glau as Superigrl! Join in on the fun as the gang at Supergirl Radio prepare for CBS’ Supergirl, starring Melissa Benoist!

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  1. OliAlmeida says:

    Great show with Michael Bailey just finished listing to it while cleaning the dishes. I’m a huge fan of Supergirl. The movie was movie is on HBO I leave on to watch it. Summer Glau is great as Supergirl.
    you guys ROCK!!! Can’t wait to hear more

  2. 94beyond says:

    I loved this movie & it’s my number one favorite DC Universe animated film behind Batman Under The Red Hood & Justice League Doom. The film would have been better if Andrea Romano got Michael Ironside to reprise his Darkseid role. I wasn’t feeling Andre Braugher as the tyrant at all. Tim Daly had his best performance & much as Kevin Conroy owns Batman, Daly owns the Man Of Steel & I’m happy that Batman was a minor player since they always make him the one who solves & saves the day in almost every animated movie! The animation was better in this film than it aws in Public Enemies. Despite not having Christopher Drake doing the score, the movie was more than an adventure, it was an animated drama which was very rare. One of the better of their animated films. P.S. hope to see Circe as the main villain in the upcoming Justice League Gods & Monsters.

  3. DrAwkward says:

    Great get with Bailey! I’m with Rebecca… if superhero big guns start to descend on my neighborhood, I’m packing up my family for an impromptu camping trip!

  4. In the 19th Century Stage performances always gave the villain top billing, in France at least.

    Saying Themiscyria is easy for me, spelling it not so much.

    Kryptonite Nail Clippers.

    I still don’t have a Blu-Ray

    They did it that way because the WW film didn’t sell well. They blamed it on her being a Woman but really it’s just cause that film sucked.

    I also really missed the internal monologues in DKR. It DOES translate to film, it’s something the Comics took from the old Film Noir style.

    I really don’t like Darksied so often being the villain of her Orign story, I’d prefer that’d be linked to Brainiac. Unbound isn’t her origin story really but the connecting her to Brainiac really worked there.

    • Interesting note about villains getting top billing in France!

      Look into Blu-ray! It really DOES make a difference!

      Inner monologues can work if it’s used as narration, I suppose, but I’m not big on narration with movies because I think it’s overused.

      I agree. The connection with Brainiac and Supergirl in “Superman: Unbound” works well.

  5. I’m re-watching this now.

    This one unlike Public Enemies began more like a Batman film. In fact the whole showing the street of Gotham as we listen to Gotham newscaster make me think of the beginning of The Dark Knight.

    Her landing in Gotham is I suppose the excuse for making Kara’s origin a crossover story. But I still feel like once she’s out of Gotham none of this is Bruce’s business, or Diana’s either, she supposed to some kind of jurisdiction over ever female Superhero?