Kickstarter: Like Father, Like Daughter #1-7: A Superhero Drama
10 Nov. 2020

Kickstarter: Like Father, Like Daughter #1-7: A Superhero Drama

They Call Her...The Dancer

They Call Her…The Dancer

Like Father, Like Daughter

Like Father, Like Daughter

Supergirl Radio Listeners! Kat Calamia (one of the hosts of the Legends of Tomorrow Podcast) is a comic book writer and is in need of backers for her comic series, Like Father, Like Daughter #1-7: A Superhero Drama!

How To Help:

If you back the Kickstarter and write #LegendaryLadies in the comment section of the Kickstarter, you’ll receive a digital copy of her book: They Call Her…The Dancer #1. 

Click on this Kickstarter link to become a backer and receive this offer!

Comic Book Descriptions:

Like Father, Like Daughter is about “a high school girl, Casey Ryder, who inherits the very powers that made her superhero father leave their family.”

They Call Her…The Dancer is “a story that focuses on the beauty and brutality of dance and martial arts, delving into the morally gray psyche of a professional dancer and assassin.”

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