Flat Supergirl Photography Contest!
10 Apr. 2021

Flat Supergirl Photography Contest!

Supergirl Radio commissioned our friend (and podcast guest), @olansamuelle (on Twitter/Instagram) to draw what we refer to as “Flat Supergirl”. Because since this is our final season with Melissa Benoist’s Kara Zor-El/Danvers, we’d like to be able to take her with us after the show is over. Literally. So…if you’re interested in winning something from TeePublic, we’ll be holding a contest for Best Picture with Flat Supergirl by the end of Season 6! The most creative image will win!

Contest Rules

To enter:

Download and Print the Flat Supergirl image

• Cut out the Flat Supergirl image

• Attach (with Tape or Glue) the cut-out image to a Popsicle Stick, Pen, or Pencil

• Take a creative picture with Flat Supergirl (this can be a selfie, but it doesn’t have to be)

• Post the picture (as many as you’d like) to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and tag @SupergirlRadio 

• Use the Hashtag: #SupergirlAdventures


Post your entries before the series finale of Supergirl! We’ll pick a winner during our Supergirl Radio series finale live stream. If your entry is chosen, we will send you a direct or private message with instructions about your prize!

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