Listener Email: Winn and the Brainiacs
22 Jun. 2018

Listener Email: Winn and the Brainiacs

New Rachel wrote in with thoughts on Winn joining the Legion of Super-Heroes and his history with the Brainiacs!

Dear Supergirl Radio,

While this finale was emotional on several levels and certainly delivered on a number of them, especially Sam and J’onn’s story arcs, the storyline I was most intrigued by was definitely Winn going to the future, essentially taking Brainy’s place in the Legion.

In addition to it making sense with how it was presented in the episode, we’ve seen in the past that Winn is capable of something like this, as seen when he defeated Indigo all the way back in season 1- and that was by accident.

Also, it’s ironic that the species that Winn almost killed a member of is now counting on him for survival, and that Brainy, the one who delivers the message that Winn is supposed to save them, is most likely related to who Winn nearly killed.

Stay super,

New Rachel

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