Listener Email: Too Polite Not To Apologize
30 Apr. 2018

Listener Email: Too Polite Not To Apologize

Danae wrote in to share some thoughts about Kara and Mon-El’s relationship and what Sam is going through in the Season 3 episode titled “In Search of Lost Time”.
I feel like this episode had a lot of things that were a long time coming for me: Kara telling Mon-El her view of their relationship, Sam finding out she is Reign, and, of course, Pam from HR!

I was really glad with the things Kara was saying to Mon-El, without being held back. I’m not too happy with Kara apologizing afterwards, since I think she shouldn’t feel bad for being honest with him, but I suppose Kara is just too polite not to apologize. I am glad she, at least, didn’t take it back or said she didn’t mean it. Love Triangle Road will forever be a big no for me, so I really hope they won’t go there, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to hope that they won’t. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I really felt so much for J’onn and Myr’nn’s storyline, but nothing destroyed me emotionally as much as Sam finding out she’s Reign. She was so broken when she realized what she had done to all those people. And all of the scenes she shared with Lena just felt so strong and so sad at the same time. I really hope Lena can find out a way to save Sam before the D.E.O. finds a way to defeat Reign. I am not ready to say goodbye to Sam at all!

– Danae

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