Listener Email: Resist
22 May. 2017

Listener Email: Resist

Cathy wrote in to share some frustrations on what she considers to be plot holes in the Season 2 episode, “Resist”.

Dear Supergirl Radio,

I love your podcasts and hope you keep up the good work. Here are some of my thoughts to the episode, “Resist”.

Whereas “Alex” was for me one of the strongest episode of Supergirl this season, the episode “Resist” just kept me shouting at the TV screen in frustration for all the plot holes or the characters behaving stupidly. There was so much potential with the clash of the four queens (President, Queen of all media, Dark Queen and Daxam Queen). The only female character not smitten with “I act as stupid and out of character as I can” was Lena.

Just a short non-exhaustive list of plot failures:

1. The President flies at an armed alien warship with Air Force One and with empty televised threats. What is she supposed to accomplish? Isn’t she supposed to be the smart one?

2. Aliens invade National City! Where are the armed forces? And General Lane or Lucy Lane for that matter?

3. Alex evacuates the D.E.O. by shouting “evacuate”? Isn’t there a fire alarm she could pull or something? They must have emergency procedures with where to regroup etc. Alex could have shouted over the mics, “All Personal Evacuate, Operation Alpa (or Sea Turtle, if you prefer) is in effect, I repeat, Operation Alpha.”

4. The president tells Alex she is in command! Great, as if she didn’t know already. There are emergency procedures to follow as the show showed last year.

5. Cat Grant telling people to resist? Good idea. You might want to tell them to use Lead to resist, which just exponentially would increase their chances of survival instead of rushing them unarmed. After all, this is one of the rare alien species that have a very convenient weakness we humans can readily exploit with conventional firearms.

6. Alex standing with her gun far too close to Lillian Luthor. That’s usually how people get disarmed.

7. Alex threatening Lillian Luthor and then backing off without credible reason (“Where is my father, I don’t know, It’s the wrong answer, Well it’s the truth”) Sure that’s convincing enough to back off and Lillian would never lie.

8. Maggie saying “Guardian and I should get back out there” (back to the shooting) with Alex replying “Good idea” (Go get yourself killed for no reason).

9. Lillian Luthor asking for permission to get into the Fortress of Solitude, after Cadmus previously broke in without a hitch. How credible is that? Lillian Luthor doesn’t need their help!

10. There’s a secret canon on the roof of the D.E.O., yet the command for that supposedly secret weapon is a joystick in the main central command visible to everyone? Oh, and you don’t even need a code to activate it either. Just push the red button.

11. Supergirl saves Mon-El and Lena, but decides to stay, knowing that Alex will blow up the ship and that she is running out of time. Yet, she doesn’t use her super speed, but walks up to the Queen of Daxam.

Of course, I enjoyed the visual candy (Alex jumping backwards of the building, Maggie with a shot gun, James being a smart Guardian for once with the lead spray, Winn not freaking out and working with Cat Grant, Lena’s stunning marriage dress) and the one liners (Cat’s up, up and away), but this episode could have been so much more.


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