Listener Email: Alex
12 May. 2017

Listener Email: Alex

A Supergirl Radio listener named Sam wrote in to share thoughts on child representation, characters displaying (or not displaying) compassion, and on whether or not Alex Danvers is a Mary Sue.
It’s occurred to me that there is not enough child representation in either the shows that I watch such as Supergirl and The Flash or the podcasts about them that I listen to. It would be interesting to hear feedback from some more articulate younger viewers as well as to see some recurring younger characters in Supergirl and The Flash. I would have much preferred Wally West to be 14 or 15 on The Flash – both the actor and the character. That’s one thing Gotham trumps these CW shows on – younger characters played by younger actors – such as Bruce and Selina. I miss the young Kara flashbacks from season 1 of Supergirl and was both pleased and disappointed by the re-use of season 1 flashback footage for “Alex”. Pleased to see young Kara and Alex again, but disappointed it wasn’t new footage.

Speaking of “Alex”, I thought it was pretty good, although it had things I didn’t like. Whilst Alex’s life was in danger I could understand Kara not showing much compassion or sympathy towards Rick. However, once that sword of Damocles was removed and he was being marched off to be mind-wiped – which is pretty horrific in it’s own right – Alex takes the opportunity to sock him one and “make sure he remembers it”. For Alex, it is understandable, but it’s not very heroic and everybody just stood back and let her do it. Basically applauded her for it. Obviously, no one’s ever going to accuse this lot of being Christian. No turning the other cheek here.

Overall, I think the episode would have worked better for me if Rick had of been written/acted less smug and more desperate. Like he absolutely had to get his father out of prison and would do whatever it takes, but wasn’t getting pleasure out of it. To the point where you almost root for him except for the fact that he is endangering someone we the audience care about – Alex. In some ways, I could see where he was coming from, but he wasn’t presented to us as especially sympathetic. Oddly enough, his father was a more sympathetic character than he was.

Depending on which Supergirl-related forum I’m on, I seem to end up civil differences of opinions. On some forums, I end up defending Mon-El and on others, Alex. On one, the reviewer labels her a Mary Sue. I’ve argued with him and suggested she’s no more a Mary Sue than Supergirl, Batman, James Bond, Nick Fury, Amanda Waller, or Barbara Gordon to name a few. He disagrees. Last week, I suggested that given his dislike of Alex, he might appreciate this upcoming episode because for once, she wouldn’t be swooping in to save the day and stealing Kara’s thunder – given that she was going to be the damsel in distress of the episode. He didn’t agree because the episode would still be all about Alex, who he absolutely despises.  I put my head on the chopping block somewhat by conceding that if Alex effected her own escape and ended up not needing to be rescued in this episode then she might just be a tiny bit of a Mary Sue. So you can imagine my relief when Alex was unable to free herself and was rescued by Kara and Maggie. No need for me to admit defeat.

Well, that’s all from me. Thanks guys, for all your work making this podcast. It’s a pleasure to listen to each week and hear different perspectives on the Maid of Steel’s adventures. Now that I think about it…given her relationship with Mon-El, is Supergirl still the Maid of Steel? Hang on a sec…I just looked up the dictionary definition – I suppose young unmarried woman still covers it.

Cheers guys,


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