Listener Email: Worst Case Scenarios
18 May. 2019

Listener Email: Worst Case Scenarios

Daryl wrote in to share some thoughts on the Supergirl season four penultimate episode titled “Red Dawn”!

Our long national nightmare is over. Alex has her memories back!

In a storyline that has plagued us and wasted our time month after month since it started, it is so satisfying to see it is now over. Ever since the “Blood Memory” episode when Alex’s behavior towards Supergirl veered towards antagonistic with no explanation and then in the next episode, when she started to warm towards her with again, no explaining, we have had to wonder why is this happening?

Because the quest to find Supergirl’s real identity ended so fast, it made my head spin. The fact that J’onn would wipe Alex’s memories without an idea of how to bring them back is baffling. In spite of what J’onn said, I would have preferred that Kara tell Alex herself, rather than suffer a beating that caused Alex to remember. The biggest problem I see with Kara is that she lets other people get in her head about revealing her secret. J’onn is full of these worst case scenarios about Kara telling Alex the truth and in the end, none of what he says happens. I will be the first to admit that chyler leigh knocks it out of the park when she gets her memories back, but one good episode for the memory storyline doesn’t discount the writers wasting our time for ten episodes with it.

I hope James getting another dose of the Harun-El to stabilize his condition is not the show doubling down on James with powers. Also, I hope Lena working with James doesn’t mean they’ll be a couple again. Typical CW to push a pairing together based on nothing but gender.

I find myself wondering about several things in this episode:

– How did it suddenly go from day to night in the Supergirl/Red Daughter fight?

– Does Eliza not watch the news?

– Why is Red Daughter in a full body suit, complete with helmet and mask?

– How was Red Daughter able to be in the same room as the Kryptonite and not be affected by it until she took a random number of steps closer to it? I remember so well back in season one how Astra couldn’t even be in the same room as Kryptonite. Also, Kara has been dealing with Kryptonite for fifteen years? I didn’t buy that line because she is only around Kryptonite every once in a great while, not nearly as often as that line would make it seem.

One more thing…

If this is the way Red Daughter goes out, I will be deeply disappointed. We saw Lex work with Red Daughter so much that I am surprised they didn’t show him giving her these so called purple lightning powers.

– Daryl

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