Listener Email: Working For The DEO
25 Jan. 2019

Listener Email: Working For The DEO

Daryl sent in some thoughts on the season four episode of Supergirl titled “Suspicious Minds”!

A good episode and the rewatch was worth it! Words that I rarely say.

I’m glad to see Kara and Lena hanging out again! They keep Lena so isolated that it’s hard to remember that she has friends. She needs to be a part of the group more.

It was strange to hear Lena talking about having no support or sounding board in her experiments because she has that in Eve.

I’m also disappointed to only really see Lena at CatCo as James’ girlfriend and far less often as the owner of the company. I’m surprised James can be so self aware and realize how wrong he was, but I’m sure his high horse is ready to be saddled at a moment’s notice. It’s only a matter of time, I’m sure, before he possibly stops supporting Lena. He may very well be Lena’s next human experiment and as someone who doesn’t care for his Guardian storyline, I don’t see myself having much of a true interest in this. I question how soon before he tells Kara what Lena is doing. It has to come at some point, I’m sure.

I’m thinking about the episode and am stunned to realize how much of it doesn’t matter for the season as a whole. Red Kara training, Supergirl no longer working for the DEO, J’onn as a private investigator. Alex’s mindwipe…these things all matter, but what doesn’t matter are the Morae and their treatment as the hands of the government which was the bulk of the episode’s run time. Colonel Haley¬† (who has some nerve thinking she can order Supergirl around) and others are involved in some truly awful things that could and should be explored yet< I fear they’ll be forgotten. It takes something pretty major for Alex to consider quitting as we’ve seen in the past, but something this major most likely won’t be explored further as a storyline. It’s a little hard to believe the effectiveness of Colonel Haley’s interrogation techniques if they can’t even be bothered to show them.

How is J’onn just allowed to take DEO files from the organization? That doesn’t even seem legal.

There’s a line from Kara asking about why people do cover ups when they just know they’ll be found out and there is no way the writer of that line wouldn’t know exactly how it sounds coming from her. She is the biggest hypocrite on the show and it can be so tiresome at times. They’re going to wipe Alex’s knowledge of Kara being Supergirl, but will they wipe the fact she’s an alien, too?

– Daryl


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  1. Daryl says:

    I also wanted to add did anyone notice the promo they cut for next week has nothing to do with the episode description. I found it strange.

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