Listener Email: What Ifs
08 Mar. 2020

Listener Email: What Ifs

Gina wrote in with some thoughts about the Supergirl 100th episode, “It’s a Super Life”!

Hi, Supergirl Radio!

Happy 100th episode!

I really, really enjoyed this episode. There was plenty of angst, but at the same time, a lot of great humor from both Mxy and Kara. They made a great duo! I really loved this Mxy more than the one from season two. This is more along the lines of what we think of Mxy through the years and they couldn’t have cast a better actor for it.

The angst parts, as angsty as they were (I mean, hello, each character dying in the episode, at least once), still somehow infused humor into it. Like when Alex was standing over Kara’s grave and Kara was crying as she watched it, Mxy made some oddball comment so he caused it from being a complete downer.

I did like how they focused on “what if” between Kara and Lena. (I also think it was convenient that they didn’t have to revisit season one.) I liked the different outcomes for each “do over” and how there were some serious consequences. (I wished the writers did this much research in going back and remembering certain events for every episode/season, not just for every 100 episodes.)

I also enjoyed showing the different reasons why Kara shouldn’t reveal herself, while at the same time, showing why their friendship was still a good thing to have happened.

The end was so very satisfying, however. My husband thinks Lena is just pure evil so has given up on her, but I still think there’s a chance. That said, I don’t like Kara being dragged across hot coals each time she interacts with Lena and it’s about time she stuck it to her. No matter how powerful Kara is, there’s only so much she can do and she can’t keep beating herself up over it.

So good on you, Kara!

Also, with the various HOPE robots, Hat’s Hat, and other little comments Kara made about her own actions during the course of the show, I felt like this episode was made for you and Morgan!



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