Listener Email: Werewolf Father
02 Nov. 2018

Listener Email: Werewolf Father

New Rachel wrote in to share Being Human trivia, responses to criticism about Brainy’s role on Supergirl, and thoughts on the cameos in the Season Four episode titled “Man of Steel”!

Dear Supergirl Radio,

Before this episode aired, I thought the title of it was only going to be ironic because of Sam Witwer’s earlier role in the DC universe as Doomsday, the evil counterpart of the Man of Steel we all know and love, Superman. But, as we see in 4×03, it gets more meaning because of Agent Liberty/Ben Lockwood’s father owning a steel factory, and how that affects Ben’s life and eventually what he ends up doing in the present day. So, it’s an interesting double meaning. All I will end up saying about him is that I mostly found him uninteresting in this episode, although, Sam is a good actor. And, it was funny that he played the main vampire on the U.S. version of Being Human, and his father in this episode was the father of two werewolves in that show.

Anyway, Lena had some great looks in this episode! It was nice to see cameos of Cat, Rhea, and Jack Spheer, J’onn was back in his full Martian Manhunter look, and I liked seeing Alex, Lena, Brainy, and J’onn working together to save Kara.

I’ve seen some criticism that Brainy wasn’t as helpful as he could’ve been and that the show is not making him as smart as he could be. However, I think that this is just him being a good time traveler and doing his best not to interfere too much with the most important events of the past. He had to step aside and let Lena help here, as she was most likely supposed to. And, it’s only been three episodes, so maybe people should hold off with their criticisms until they see more of him.

Oh! Also, I liked that little moment with Kara and the alien student from before the Kara-oke from 3×14. That was cute. And, I can’t wait for more of Lena and Brainy working together, as I’ve said in the past – they’ve already done so pretty well, but not extensively, and I hope we get them bonding over their evil families in addition to working together to keep Kara safe.

Stay super,

New Rachel

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