Listener Email: Wanna have drinks at an unnamed alien bar?
02 Nov. 2019

Listener Email: Wanna have drinks at an unnamed alien bar?

Danae wrote in with some thoughts about the Supergirl season five episode titled “In Plain Sight”!

Hi, Superladies!

While I appreciate Lena now officially being a Superfriend, I think Kara could’ve found a better way to break it to Lena. Like, she basically said “hey, all our shared friends have a whole separate life besides you, with secret handshakes and and the only reason it took us three years to include you was because you were mad at Supergirl. Anyway, do you wanna have drinks at an unnamed alien bar that we also never told you about?” I do hope that someone realizes soon that Lena cannot be this okay with all these revelations. I am curious, though, if Kelly can still see through Malefic’s eyes, and how she’d react when she sees Lena in front of her.

I am liking William more now, but I still don’t trust him completely. Kara barely had to force him to speak up before telling her his whole story. And how he was smiling when saying Kara is such an amazing writer seemed a bit much. It’s also ironic how he tried to keep everyone away from him by being rude to his colleagues, when that ended up being the reason that Kara was suspicious of him. I hope that Kara and Nia will stay critical of his plans.

– Danae

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