Listener Email: Uninformed Followers
25 Oct. 2018

Listener Email: Uninformed Followers

In our podcast episode on the Supergirl Season 4 episode titled “Fallout”, we were only able to read a portion of an email (due to time) sent in by a new listener that we only knew as “Nikita”. To make it up to who we now know as Leslie for not having time to share all of her email on the podcast, we’re posting it here for full context. Thanks for listening to Supergirl Radio, Leslie, and our apologies for getting your name wrong! (You can blame Rebecca for this one.)

Dear Supergirl Radio,

I have recently discovered your podcasts and have been binge-listening to them for the last three weeks. Your commentaries have tremendously enhanced my overall enjoyment of each and every Supergirl episode.

Regarding “Fallout”:

I liked this episode better than the season’s first episode. It seemed to me that “Fallout” should have been part of a two-hour premiere. So much was left unresolved in the premiere.

“Fallout” was truly exciting! I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire episode. There were some really good poignant moments, such as why Nia stood up to those violent bullies in the pizzeria and Kara flying in with the American flag to break up the riot. James did a beautiful renovation of Cat’s office in dark wood and marble. He has even more monitors than Cat had! And Alex baiting and then taking down Otis was classic Alex!

While I am not a fan of Lena, or the Lena and Kara friendship or the James and Lena romance, I thought Lena was really good in this particular episode. I liked how Lena tried to look out for Kara and Kara tried to look out for Lena. But, some of the things Kara was doing to stop the siege was just silly. I did love that Lena’s robotic arm had a force field!

Miss Teschmacher having a hair pin and knowing how to use it because she spent a summer as a bunny at a theme park was very funny.

Season Four’s theme of calling aliens “roaches” is upsetting. I don’t like it. I wish the writers had created a made-up word that means “bug”, rather than use the word “roach”. I, especially, didn’t like it when Mercy called Supergirl a roach. That was just wrong, considering everything Supergirl has done for Earth!

It is hard to watch these bigoted ignoramuses being manipulated by Agent Liberty. Liberty is appealing to the lowest common denominator and blaming all economic and social problems and woes on aliens. Aliens are convenient scapegoats. These ignoramuses are allowing themselves to be led by a masked man whose identity they don’t even know and hypocritically could be an alien himself. He could be inciting humans to hate aliens for his own selfish, evil reasons. Liberty and his uninformed followers are morally worse than Lillian Luthor, in my opinion.

I have questions, too. Isn’t it about time that Supergirl routinely wears a guard against Kryptonite like her Aunt Astra and Uncle Non?

Was Brainy supposed to be that indecisive or was his indecisiveness a way for the writers to show how devastating bigotry and hatred can be?

Lastly, I don’t trust the new president, President Baker. I believe he will betray Kara because Kara, who I love as a character, is so Pollyanna at times.

– Leslie

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  1. Daryl says:

    It is way past time Kara has some protection against kryptonite. It’s pretty ridiculous the deo has never developed something like that. Also brainy’s indecisiveness was a way to show how much the incident at the pizza place affected him

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