Listener Email: True Impact
01 Feb. 2019

Listener Email: True Impact

Gina wrote in to share some thoughts on the Supergirl season four episode titled “Blood Memory”!

Hi, Supergirl Radio!

I know this episode was Nia-centric and I honestly think they did a pretty amazing job in introducing her family as well as opening us up to her origin and how her being transgender fits into the story. I liked her reasoning about not wanting to mention her dreaming abilities to her family. The conflict between her and her sister, Maeve, was a nice parallel with what’s happening with Alex and Kara, even if how they got to where they were wasn’t told as well.

However, I do tend to focus more on Kara in my thoughts because, well…it’s Kara 🙂

So first thing’s first, the Alex mindwipe is lasting more than one episode. Part of me wished some of the listeners guesses were right about it lasting an episode or two.

As much as I wanted to see where this will go, just the few scenes of Supergirl and Alex interacting with each other were punching me hard in the face. They’re using this mindwipe as a parallel with Agent Liberty… which I don’t know if I’m okay with. But, it’s an interesting angle. We get to see the true impact that Kara, as an alien, has had on Alex as an earthling. The effects of the mindwipe is beyond just how it affects the sisterly bond, though that is still the heart of this character study.

If Alex has already encountered the truth-seeker, then why would they still need to remove Alex’s memories?

The little ways the mindwipe has affected Alex’s everyday that stuck out:

– Not remembering Kara’s favorite movie (though, hello to a Centerstage reference!) and not being able to interrogate those dude-bros the way she used to. The second one was pretty interesting as I guess the dynamic of Kara and Ale on how to approach interrogation is no longer there?

– One subtle thing that also stuck out was J’onn’s face when Alex was laying into Supergirl at the Harvest Fest/Funeral. Loved him in his dapper jacket and scarf, but it was just more painful to see him watch Alex talk to Supergirl like that.

Things I also didn’t care for:

– The dude-bro drug story was in the way of all the other stuff I wanted to see. I think we could’ve done without it and weaved some of the overall theme a different way. I guess I’m confused why Alex was the one who was interviewing them? Is it because of the drug and it might have been of alien origin?

– James lying about how shady Lena’s funds were did not sit well with me. But as before, lots of lies to go around! 🙂 Speaking of James, what an effort by the show to make us see that Lames is still a real thing…

– Being legit arachnophobic and Nia’s mom dying from a black widow….GAH.



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  1. I don’t have any problem with emails being Kara-centric! 😉

    Thanks for writing in and sharing your thoughts, Gina!

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