Listener Email: The Power of the Press
27 Apr. 2019

Listener Email: The Power of the Press

Alex sent in some thoughts about the Supergirl season four episode titled “Crime and Punishment”!

As usual, the Supergirl writers have left me confused. By the end of this episode, it appeared the message would be Kara Danvers’ “power of the press” was more powerful than Supergirl and only a free media could give people the truth. Even though, most of the episode seemed to criticize how quickly the media turned on Supergirl without first investigating the facts. Even Otis spoke about how he did not trust the press because they “parachute into crises like this without any context for larger systematic issue at play”.  The puzzled look on Kara’s face at Otis’s surprising thoughtful statement made me laugh out loud.

Best moment of the episode was Supergirl talking to Lena about how her reputation was destroyed overnight and how nobody trusts her. Lena basically responding “welcome to my world” was dead on.  Lena will never be trusted by the public because her last name is Luthor. It made Kara even closer to Lena and it was a nice bonding moment for them.

The most ridiculous moment in the episode was the prison inmates trying to take on Supergirl in a fist fight. I mean, they did know it was Supergirl, right? Did we really need an extended, slow motion scene of Supergirl brushing aside a group of half-wits with no powers? At least the fight with Otis was worth the wait, and I never get tired of Supergirl’s super hand clap.

Speaking of Otis, I thought he was blown apart by Lex in the jail cell. How did Miss Tessmacher do the Humpty Dumpty thing and put his human pieces back together again?

– Alex

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