Listener Email: The Minor, The Major, and The Good
26 May. 2019

Listener Email: The Minor, The Major, and The Good

Courtney sent in some thoughts about the Supergirl season four finale titled “The Quest for Peace”!

This was a tough one to rewatch. I actually found the penultimate episode more enjoyable. I watched “Take the grass!” like, five+ times. I only rewatched the finale to make sure my comments made sense. And there are so many.

The finale seemed rushed. I get it, they had too many plot points to finalize which could’ve been avoided if they didn’t include so many plots earlier in the season or closed those storylines earlier. It sort of leaves a bad taste in my mouth thinking about it because the Children of Liberty lasted way too long, yet they bring in Mercy Graves, Manchester, and The Elite only to get rid of them with barely any pomp. The mindwipe was useless. Red Daughter was underutilized, but I kind of understand how that had to be kept vague to hide all of Lex’s machinations —which by the way, kind of feel a bit too convoluted for my tastes. I know Lex is kind of crazy, but it ended up feeling really hokey in this episode.

First the minor issues:

Ugh, Lockwood on Shelley Island. Why can’t he just stick to his vendetta against Lex? Like he still wants to blame the aliens, really? And he used to be a professor? Where did he get his degree, a defunct for-profit university?

With everything that went down with Lex, I’m surprised everyone just accepted the fact that he died in the explosion in Shelley Island without any body for proof. Lena left his dead body in his old prison cell. Now that guy from the crossover is going to do who knows what with Lex. I hated the crossover this year and absolutely do not look forward to it in season five.

Colonel Haley’s storyline could’ve been better. I liked her character, but the quick resolution to her story was unsatisfying. Plus, did she decide she didn’t care about Supergirl’s identity once she found out the President was hiding things from her and I guess once she found out he was working with Lex?

Now the major issue I had with this episode and probably this season is how they handled Lena and Kara’s friendship. The writers seem to be separating them for drama’s sake. What’s so wrong with a Luthor and Super friendship? I really wanted Kara to be able to reveal her identity. Or at the least, think she’s revealing it to Lena even if Lena found out from Lex. I wanted to kill Alex for convincing Kara to not tell Lena.

Even with the lies Kara has had to tell Lena, Lena has to know that Lex loves to manipulate her and the fact that Kara and Supergirl have always had her back (except that time she got upset about the Kryptonite, but she finally explained herself a whole season later). Yes, Lena should be upset, but she should also be a better judge of character and not be so mad at everyone. Just as she’s proven herself to be a good person so has Kara proven herself to always be on her side. That being said, now that Lena knows Kara is Supergirl, but Kara still stuck by her even when she was angry with Supergirl should’ve proven that it’s not about the Luthor name or that Lena’s friends are cruelly keeping this secret from her. All the people who didn’t trust her before (Alex, James, J’onn) trust her now. She should be able to see that they genuinely see her as a friend, as long as they continue season five right where four left off and let Kara explain herself.

Lex made it sound like Lena is a joke to them. It’s not like Kara is laughing behind her back. She’s been actively protecting her and there’s even video proof from Lex’s creepy Big Brother cameras everywhere. If Lena still doesn’t want to be her friend then let that be the case, but if she can’t forgive people that’s on her. It’s better than her being angry solely on what Lex said. Lex is vindictive, manipulative and evil — you can’t trust him.

The writers should let Lena be morally grey.  In fact, that might be more interesting if Kara was able to reveal her identity and Lena would be mad for a few episodes and once she sobered up, thought about things a little logically, and remain Kara and the Space Fam’s friend.

In this case, Lena could still have her science death experiments and whatever morally grey stuff she would do and Kara could be her conscience. Or Lena could help Kara with her Kryptonian Superiority Complex because heaven knows she needs help with that! Maybe it wouldn’t be as interesting, but call me selfish…I like Kara and Lena being friends. And they both need friendships not based on their family history.

Enough about that. There were good parts, too:

Lillian showing some shoulder obviously means she must mean business. Which includes attempts to poison her son. Excellent. This scene made my day.

When Eve was worried about using all the Claymore’s energy to destroy Argo, it was reminiscent of Miss Tessmacher saving Superman in Superman: The Movie. I honestly thought that’s where they were going with that. Didn’t happen but, oh well.

I kept laughing that Alex was using tazing batons on the Children of Liberty…like here is a lesson Children —these are the bats you should’ve been using. I’m reminded of Crocodile Dundee’s quote, “That’s not a knife. Now THIS is a knife” as he pulls out his giant knife.

I’m so glad the unemotional Brainy The Fifth storyline didn’t last too long. Though that scene wasn’t that great.


Is Kara now evolved that she absorbed Red Daughter and is shooting purple heat vision?

Kara could’ve still saved Lex. Couldn’t she just fly down and catch him under his arms?

I have a hard time believing Lex had all that video footage proving Kara is Supergirl. Especially, the footage they used from Red Daughter’s bunker room. Unless he had cameras in every angle. It’s just dumb and goes back to my annoyance on how the writers are trying to mess with Lena.

Now there’s this Leviathan thing and J’onn has a brother?

And Lena is going to be shady and act like she trusts Kara and Company. Why writers? Why? Let’s hope they wrap this storyline up within the first two episodes of next season.

– Courtney

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  1. I agree about Lockwood. It seemed like he was being built up in the last few episodes to go after Lex, but it didn’t seem like that in the end, it even mattered to him. His motivation was clear and well-established in the beginning, but I don’t know that his end point was all that strong.

    The show definitely dropped the plot with Colonel Haley and Supergirl’s secret identity. I suppose that by the end of the season, she didn’t consider that to be high priority anymore, but it just makes the mindwipe seem so pointless and unnecessary. I do hope that we see more of Colonel Haley in the future because I thought for the most part, she was a good addition to the show.

    Thanks for writing in and sharing your thoughts!

    I had a similar thought about Eve and Superman: The Movie, although, I couldn’t figure out why she would have sympathy for Superman in this story. She was really gung ho about all of their plans, except for the Argo bit. Why would that matter to her?

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