Listener Email: The Last Straw
15 Nov. 2018

Listener Email: The Last Straw

Alex sent in some thoughts about Ben Lockwood’s backstory in the Supergirl Season Four episode titled “Man of Steel”.

I thought they were going to give Agent Liberty some backstory, but I didn’t think he would be the whole story in this episode. Showing the recent tragedies of his life (the family business ruined, home destroyed before his family’s eyes, the death of his father) all attributed to alien invasions and alien technology was pretty much expected. But, it was a nice touch that when Lockwood went to people he thought he could count on for sympathy (particularly Lena, James, and the Dean at his college), he pretty much got the brush off. Even Alex told him and the workers at his father’s factory that they were lucky Supergirl and the “FBI” were not harder on them during the brawl with alien workers. Being dismissed by people he came to for help was definitely the last straw for him.

I was also surprised that Lena and Supergirl seem to be heading toward some sort of reconciliation. Supergirl came to Lena’s aid last week during the break in at L-Corp.  Now, Lena provides the technology to save Supergirl’s life this week. I really thought that with the introduction of Lex this year, Lena and Kara would remain somewhat suspicious of one another. And, I am sorry to beat a dead horse, but Kara disappears the same time Supergirl is put out of action…and Alex (known to Lena as Kara’s sister) just happens to be the one to call Lena to help Supergirl?  At what point are they going to drop this nonsense and let Lena know, or at least acknowledge that she knows, that Kara is Supergirl?

– Alex

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