Listener Email: The Internet Supporting Toyman
06 Feb. 2020

Listener Email: The Internet Supporting Toyman

Daryl wrote in to share some thoughts on the Supergirl season five episode titled “Back From the Future Part One”!

I’m not a big Winn fan, but I can see how it would be a great episode for fans who love him. I am definitely not a fan of insane Winn. Kara doesn’t just have glasses to hide her identity. It’s also the hair. They’re only giving Winn glasses as if, somehow, people still won’t recognize him. I know people on these shows are blind, but this is just insulting. I’m surprised they mention Winn’s mother. They don’t often mention characters once they’re written off. I remember before Winn left last season, he was talking about the people he would be leaving if he went to the future and his mother was not one he named.

It made me sad to see girls’ night without Lena because in happier times, she would have been invited. I wish Lena was reconciling with Andrea for the right reasons. I hope they remember this season is a fight for Lena’s soul and aren’t using the Crisis reset to ignore that particular part.

I didn’t like Brainy working in secrecy. There was nothing “logical” about it.

The Supergirl podcast Pod Off Course made a funny point about how they used Sam’s full name a couple of episodes ago because they hadn’t mentioned her in so long and I guess they didn’t trust the audience to remember her.

I love the song “Eye of the Tiger”, but it made me not take any of it seriously, just like last week with *Nsync.

There are some who think the D.E.O. will be written out and maybe it will. There was a while where I thought CatCo would be written out. I think we all remember just how little CatCo mattered in the first couple of The CW seasons. It always felt like to me that the D.E.O. was really the setting for the plots they cared about back then. I guess they’re only pushing CatCo now because more characters are attached to that side of the story.

I still think it wasn’t necessary to introduce Kelly as James’s sister and that she could have been introduced as a new psychiatrist for the D.EO. and she could have met Alex that way.

I applaud the fact that Brainy told Winn the truth, but until he tells the others the truth, this will just be another keeping secrets because of weak reasons story.

I think we all see the writing on the wall with Kara and William. They are really pushing a parallel Lois and Clark. I was so surprised that Kara still has a Pulitzer and would love to know what article she won it for while working for a tabloid. I think they pushed Kara and William just as fast as they felt they could after Crisis. First, she suggests they partner on the story and then immediately, invited him to game night. Also, who doesn’t understand Jenga? Everyone knows you let it fall. I don’t think they did Kara and him before the Crisis because a reset would have ended it and since they waited until after the reset from Crisis, they can make it stick as long as they want.

I think seeing Nia in a dark room using her powers must have been some less expensive way of doing it.

Why not have Nia and Kara team up? In my opinion, it will give Nia valuable work experience and Kara mentor experience in a non-superhero role, but I bet the writers never considered that. When did Nia give Brainy a nickname? I never heard that tiger thing before. I find it interesting that Batwoman and Supergirl felt they could go against the Grammys, but are leaving us with a break until February 16 because they don’t want to go against the Super Bowl or the Oscars, whereas in the second half of last season when they moved to Sundays, they didn’t go against any of them. Two episodes in followed by a three week break is so stupid.

– Daryl

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  1. daryl washington says:

    *alex: I don’t want to create a panic. also alex: comes in with several armed people* caroline in her avclub review had the same worry I did about the winn talking to brainy secretly being the evil winn. it was a real worry. an avclub commenter named “the one true opinion” made a good point about how kara is surprised that the internet would support toyman as if she didn’t learn anything from last season’s children of liberty plot line. i think this acting surprised every time she finds out people are mean version of kara just doesn’t fly anymore. another avclub commenter deathmaster780 states “they spent most of last season dancing around brainy knowing something about nia related to the future and here they just casually revealed that nia’s descendant is in the legion so I guess it’s not important anymore.”

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