Listener Email: The Graves vs. The Danvers
18 Oct. 2018

Listener Email: The Graves vs. The Danvers

New Rachel wrote in to share some thoughts about the Season 4 premiere titled “American Alien”!

Dear Supergirl Radio,

Wow, what a season premiere!

This felt almost too full of plot at the beginning, although it settled down as the episode progressed, and it certainly left plenty of storylines open for the rest of the season.

Mercy and Otis were great villains, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of them contrasted against a more united Danvers sisters, similarly to how, on this past season of The Flash, we had Marlize and Clifford DeVoe, a married couple, against Iris and Barry West-Allen, who got married that season- although, of course, as the DeVoes’ bond grew weaker, Iris and Barry’s only grew stronger. Time will tell if the same will be true for the Graves siblings versus the Danvers sisters, although I’m certainly excited for the possibilities of this storyline.

I love that Lillian came back, and although it’s unclear whether or not this will be her only appearance, it was still really nice to see her, and to see Lena talk to her- though of course her supposed turn towards being less evil is still questionable.

Nia was an amazing new addition, and she had a great introduction- her scenes with Kara were especially wonderful. She’s probably one of the characters I’m looking forward to seeing more of the most during this season.

I’ve been waiting to see what the Alex and Brainy team-up would be like in Winn’s absence, and while it was certainly very awkward, the final scene with the two of them pointed to better things for their future. Although Brainy can’t replace Winn, as much as he tries to literally fill his shoes, he’s doing his best, and he’s still another one of my favorite new additions. Jesse Rath is doing a great job, and his interactions with Chyler as Alex are as fun as we were promised. Plus, Alex’s new hairdo is just fantastic.

I’m excited for the rest of the season, and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this episode!

Stay super,

– New Rachel

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