Listener Email: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
24 May. 2019

Listener Email: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Andreas wrote in with some thoughts about the Supergirl season four finale titled “The Quest for Peace”!

Hi, Super Ladies!

I just watched the finale and wanted to give some quick opinions.

Let’s start with the good stuff:

– Almost all threads and themes that were planted throughout the season came to a climax in this episode.
– The opening shot was great, Lex gave an awesome Iron Man impression.
– Miss Tessmacher! Great scenes with Lex.
– Lena fighting Miss Tessmacher.
– The Luthor family reunion with lots of poison (literally and verbally).
– Lex is killed by Lena and not Supergirl.
– Lex speeches hating on Kryptonians.
– Lex’s plan to blow up Argo and finally kill Superman.
– Everything with The Monitor (I love Crisis on Infinite Earths)

The bad stuff:

– The death of Red Daughter. I think don’t think anyone expected her to live through the finale, but come on. That was cheap. Her dissolving into mist like Ariel in the original Little Mermaid fairy tale. Was this the Kryptonian version of Highlanders Quickening? At least, let her fight Lex. One punch was all I asked for. Will Kara now have some of her memories? Or her powers?

– Kara’s click bait article. Okay, show writers. I get what you are going for, but this was rushed, One blog entry was enough to change the public opinion in seconds? Guess we should try and write some articles about climate change or racism. And now, the anti-alien hate is also contained? People on Kara’s Earth do change their minds quickly.

– Superpowers. Jimmy got superpowers to fight Lockwood, who also got superpowers, and now, neither of them have superpowers.

– The relationships of Dreamer and Alex were rushed. It was even directly addressed in the episode how everything happened so quickly.

– Lex quoting Hitler. We know he is evil. He casually killed a guy in the opening.

The ugly stuff:

– The way Lena learns about Kara’s secret identity. This is a promising storyline. I am really looking forward to seeing this play out. Gladly, Lex dies slowly enough to tell his sister everything. He even made a presentation. Poor Lena. I sense a bad girl Lena story coming our way.

Keep up the super work you are doing!

– Andreas

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  1. Courtney says:

    I agree that the article was rushed. I would’ve liked to see more of the people’s reaction to it. Obviously they believed it. Part of me thinks it would’ve been funny if Lex went out to address the people thinking everyone loved him, and then they all started booing him and he’d have no clue why because he was busy monologing in the Oval Office with Lena and Lillian. Btw, why was he making camp there? I think he mentioned something about the President but it still didn’t make sense that he was allowed free access to just have his reunion there—-he was only appointed Director of Alien Affairs. It’s just a cabinet position.

    For Lex to underestimate Lena, he kind of predicted her actions if he had a PowerPoint presentation ready for her just in case they have a confrontation back in his old jail cell bunker.

    I also feel Alex and Kelly was rushed. Yet again. At least it was mentioned like you said but there’s no where to really go from here except instant engagement like they did with Maggie. Just kidding. But there really isn’t much of a build up. From other comments I’ve heard,’it seems that EVERYONE likes a slow burn. Why do the writers keep rushing Alex’s love story?

  2. I’m curious to see if there are any ramifications or follow-ups to Supergirl consuming Red Daughter’s powers. I assume (and hope) that it’s just a one-time situation, but I suppose they could do something more.

    In Season 1, the people of Earth-38 took more time in forgiving Supergirl after she was on Red Kryptonite than they did in changing their minds after Kara’s article in the season four finale. I appreciate that she exposed Lex Luthor and his crimes, but I was hoping that the series would show humans and aliens coming together in a more natural way. Not just because they realized they had been duped by Lex Luthor. The way the show ended up going about it glosses all over the tragedy and heartbreak that came with three alien invasions in a row. They hit it early on in the season with Ben Lockwood’s backstory and then, never really re-visited it. I would think that would be something important to address.

    Lex Luthor has been President in some iterations of the comics so I like to think he camped out in the Oval Office on Supergirl because it’s his unnatural habitat.

    Jon Cryer’s Lex pulled all the strings with President Baker so I guess he thought whatever the President occupied or had was rightfully his (a scary thought).

    I like the thought of him having a “Powerpoint Presentation” in his backup plan. You’re right. That’s pretty much what he used to tell Lena about Kara.

    I love a good slowburn romance, myself. Helps me get interested in and start rooting for a couple. Hopefully, they’ll slow it down in Season 5.

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