Listener Email: The Episode After The Penultimate
24 May. 2019

Listener Email: The Episode After The Penultimate

Ben wrote in to share some thoughts on the Supergirl season four finale titled “The Quest for Peace”!

I just finished watching the finale and I must say that it was an AMAZING episode. Although I can never hear Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” the same way again.

I thought most, if not all, of the storylines from the season were resolved well (what happened to The Elite?).

I am sorry that Brainy was rebooted, but I did love how logical he became. Calculating when Dreamer would appear was fantastic. Glad when he realigned.

Kara had some really great fight moves against Lex and had her own version of the Quickening (a Highlander reference just in case.)

Poor James.

Lex’s reaction when Lena shot him was priceless. I finally had a theory proven correct when I thought that Lena would find out from someone else that Kara was Supergirl and be angry. I really hope that her reaction was just a temporary one and she will calm down over the summer hiatus. I would really hate to see her become Kara’s nemesis. Why does Lena keep listening to Lex? Why?

I guess Leviathan will be next season’s big bad and that The Monitor will resurrect Lex. I also believe that the Green Martian is Malefic (Rebecca note: Or is it Ma’alefa’ak? Who knows?).

Overall, I enjoyed the season. I was uneasy with the anti-alien story arc, but am very pleased with the ending.

Until next season. Thank you and I hope you have summer episodes as well.

– Ben

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  1. Courtney says:

    I agree about My Way…they kind of ruined the song for me lol. The way they did that scene was typical Lex, but it just was out of place for me. Something about it was wrong 🤷🏻‍♀️ I also hope Lena’s reaction is temporary. She knows Lex is manipulative and shouldn’t let him get into her head. It would be interesting to see if she joins up with Lillian now that she knows she loves her (although she also kept Kara’s identity a secret from her).

  2. Nice use of “penultimate”!

    Lex and Lena formed a strong bond when they were growing up (despite the fact that Lena would go horseback riding without him!) so I’m sure there is something still inside her that wants to trust him. And now that HE has told her the truth when none of her FRIENDS would…well, that could lead her to trusting him a little more.

    We will definitely be having summer episodes, Ben! We have a lot of awesome stuff planned to help us get through the hiatus!

    Thanks for writing in and sharing your thoughts!

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