Listener Email: The Court of Public Opinion
07 Dec. 2018

Listener Email: The Court of Public Opinion

Sam wrote in with some thoughts on the Supergirl season four episode titled “Bunker Hill”!

I was a bit caught out by this episode. I knew that next week is the big Elseworlds crossover event and that after that, Supergirl goes on hiatus. Yet, I failed to come to the obvious conclusion that “Bunker Hill” is, essentially, the mid-season finale. Ben Lockwood being revealed as Agent Liberty and arrested was the sort of thing you expect for a mid-season finale. Which is when a lot of the game-changers and set up for the next half of the season occur. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised because I went in not expecting the plot to progress as much as it did.

I like the way Ben turned his being outed as Agent Liberty back on Supergirl, which brings me to the President…

There is a problem we human beings have when someone who is entirely unreasonable says something reasonable, we don’t want to acknowledge they have a point.

President Baker is a self-serving human being – the quintessential definition of a politician (according to Yes Minister). His request (demand?) for Supergirl to out her secret identity to the public is entirely motivated by his own political self-interest.

Even so, I think he has a point. As a public figure who wields a great deal of power, his actions however well-intentioned or righteous, create enemies. He has a target not only on his back, but the backs of the people he cares for. Yet, he shows his true identity to the public and doesn’t try to hide who he is.

Kara’s hypocrisy was even further highlighted in this episode when she told Nia that she could be confided in. Yet, Kara never confided in Nia or Lena about who she really is. Kara expects Nia to tell her she is an alien, yet does not reciprocate. Kara expects to be trusted, but does not trust others.

I remember in interviews prior to season three, the writers talked about how they wanted to tell the story of a villain’s evolution in the form of Reign. Personally, I think they failed. Reign was never really developed as a villain or even fully realised as a character (in my view) and Sam was never a villain.

On the other hand, Ben Lockwood might be the series’ best villain to date and one of the better villains in the entire Arrowverse!

What makes the conflict between Supergirl and Agent Liberty especially compelling is that he is fighting Kara on a battleground where her powers make little difference – the court of public opinion. How long do you think until Ben Lockwood gets a Presidential pardon? Of course, a jury might not even convict him.

I think last week’s episode was a lot more dramatically compelling, but I did appreciate the various plot advancements we had this week. Such as the outing and arrest of Lockwood and the further development and revelation of Nia Nal’s powers (wasn’t Brainy adorkable?). Even little things like Lydia Lockwood siding with her husband at the end of the episode. Perhaps she will be the new Agent Liberty.

– Sam

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