Listener Email: Superman in Elseworlds
05 Jan. 2019

Listener Email: Superman in Elseworlds

Larry sent in some thoughts about how Superman/Clark Kent was written in the Elseworlds crossover event!

Let me preface this by saying that Supergirl is my favorite show of the Arrowverse. The last third of season three was not good and its politics is sometimes too heavy handed (“Not Kansas” made me want to go buy a gun and I am very pro-gun control), but I enjoy it for the most part.

This is Supergirl’s show and the writers do need to make sure Superman doesn’t over shadow her. They could do that without making Superman look weak and irrelevant, but they took the lazy way out and did exactly that and it shows. The writers lack confidence in their own character. Elseworlds part three was gratuitous in trying to make Superman look weak, irrelevant, or useless. It wasn’t any one line or action, but a culmination.

First, was Kara’s accusation to Deegan that he was a coward for not making himself look like her. Then, there was the fight between Superman and Deegan-Superman. The fight was one-sided. Superman was completely dominated in that he did not even get one solid hit in the entire sequence (dragged by his cape and tossed out the window like trash?) Later, it had Superman admitting he had less faith in his cousin than Oliver did (really???). Brainy could easily defeat Amazo when Superman couldn’t? In the Star Labs breach scene, Cisco was downright rude to Superman in calling out his favorite Kryptonian. Superman came to help restore his universe, risking himself and Lois. He should show a little gratitude  and keep that thought to himself. Brainy then adds on to say “what a fine choice”. I found that completely unnecessary.

In the final Smallville scene, Clark gushes how much stronger Kara is and actually says the world doesn’t need him now that she is there (being humble is part of Clark’s character, but when everything else is taken into account, it was over the top). Then, Lois piles on with her Harvard study comment.

Each on its own would be explainable or easily brushed aside, but taken all together, I was wondering how this Superman survived 15-20 years of superheroing before Kara became Supergirl to show him the ropes.

Elseworlds part one had an instance of how it should have been done. As Amazo chased Oliver, both Superman and Supergirl were prepared to knock Amazo down and Supergirl just happened to get the shot. She got to look good without any social commentary.

I didn’t even mind the Supergirl season two finale when Clark said he was humbled by Kara and her willingness to sacrifice Mon-El. Clark was raised as a human, acts more human, and I’m not sure he would sacrifice Lois to save the world.

I suppose my point is that the Supergirl writers went out of their way to push an agenda and repeatedly hit us on the head over and over, trying to prove Superman’s irrelevance and it ruined the crossover for me. As much as I actually like Tyler (and Bitsie as a perfect Lois), I’m not sure I want them back as guest stars on Supergirl because I’m sure the writers will just do it again to prove their “wokeness”.

– Larry

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  1. Leslie-Ann M. Justus says:

    Larry, I agree with you 100%.

    I did not like how Kara/Supergirl were utilized in the Elseworld crossover. I preferred Crisis on Earth X more. But there wasn’t much Kara/Supergirl, but we got more Melissa Benoist since she was playing Overgirl quite well and Supergirl. And, the story revolved around her.

    It’s like the writers don’t know what to do with Supergirl. She was also hardly utilized in the Invasion crossover.

    Supergirl was hardly in her own show in the Elseworlds third installment! Kara didn’t even get to so her own opening. Deegan got to do it! Why? I don’t follow the comics that closely, but I am a huge Supergirl TV fan. I didn’t know who Deegan was or his significance.

    I did not understand why Superman and Lois figured so prominently in the Supergirl crossover installment. I watch Supergirl for Supergirl. Supergirl is about a female superhero. I care about Superman when he’s interacting with or doing something regarding Kara. I was not interested in Clark and Lois getting engaged. I wanted a final scene for the Supergirl episode with Kara and Alex. I did not want to see yet another Oliver and Barry scene.

    I think Elseworlds highlights an issue I’ve been having with Supergirl beginning in the latter half of the 3rd season– a lack of Supergirl/Kara on her own show., and a lack of her being generally successful. I get the scheduling issues, but I still want more Kara/Supergirl on her own show.

    A lot of fans are complaining about the lack of Kara/Supergirl on her own show. Some have described it as Kara/Supergirl doing “cameos” on her own show. I sent an email to the Supergirl writer’s room, asking for more Kara/Supergirl on her own show. I hope the writers make it up to us Supergirl fans.

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