Listener Email: Supergirl’s Martyrdom
29 Nov. 2018

Listener Email: Supergirl’s Martyrdom

Danae wrote in with some thoughts on the Supergirl season four episode titled “Rather the Fallen Angel”!

I loved the Lena storyline this episode! It showed so many new things about her personality and about her past. Ever since it was revealed that Lionel was her father, I’ve been wondering if her birth mother was really dead or if a fake death had been orchestrated by Lillian. And then, of course, I’ve been waiting when Lena’s mom would turn up again. But this flashback, and what it says about Lena and how she grew up, makes me feel like this is not necessary anymore. For two seasons I thought that her fear of being evil was because she grew up in the Luthor household, but now, learning that it was actually seeing her mother drown that has made her doubt her morals whole her life…it honestly shook me to my core. Katie delivered such an amazing performance this week!

I also liked the allegory with the spider and I think that the way Lena spoke about “you shouldn’t save the spider, you don’t know what it wants” makes me think that she still hasn’t forgiven Supergirl. I’m curious how they will interact when they will meet again and if Supergirl will eventually have to fight a superpowered Lena this season.

But to give some criticism to Lena, instead of just gushing about her: “Lena, honey, if you have a drug and you don’t know if it’s harmful, wouldn’t it be better to just administer a few drops? Instead of just pumping an entire syringe in there?” Oh well, I guess this is the same National City Science Rules as the one that allows her to wear heels at work.

As for the Agent Liberty part, I don’t know how I feel about that. They’ve done mostly alright with that storyline this season, but I’m so scared that they’ll screw it up as they’ve done before with political stuff, that I can’t find myself to enjoy it. I did find the shot where Kara in chains formed a cross interesting. I wondered if it was a callback to a few episodes back when Agent Liberty said they didn’t want Supergirl to become a martyr and now, having her form the image of probably the most famous martyr in the western world [Jesus Christ].

David Harewood’s final scene was so heartbreaking! I don’t think I’ve seen him act so emotional.

And also, was Brainy taking notes at that TV show they were watching? Or was he taking notes on how to behave at Sister Night?

– Danae

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  1. LAMJ says:

    Good comment. I saw the cross as well and Manchester Black was a Judas.

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