Listener Email: Stick to Principles
09 May. 2020

Listener Email: Stick to Principles

Courtney wrote in to share some thoughts about the Supergirl Season Five episode titled “Deus Lex Machina”!

Welcome back from the hiatus!

Unfortunately, this season has been broken up so much and we have such a lazy Leviathan plot that I’m a little lost with the show and just wish they’d clear up this whole Lena and Lex thing. It’s just going into too long. Which is sad because this was Melissa Benoist’s directorial debut. I mean, directing-wise, I guess it was good but plot-wise, I’m just over it.

As for some things about the episode:

Supergirl needs to learn to stick to her principles and not use Myriad. Every time she veers off and follows other people’s ideas, it ends up badly. Like when she killed Reign. Or when she almost listened to Maxwell Lord during the original Myriad. Now, if Cat Grant was here, she’d be a better advisor to Supergirl than everyone else.

What bothers me is Lena asking what Supergirl is doing in the Fortress…well, it’s partially hers. She can be there all she wants. Just because Lena had one barely sympathetic conversation with Kara doesn’t mean, to paraphrase Lena, she’s just going to roll over and not be wary of your possibly villainous ways. Did Lena expect Kara to automatically be her usual friendly self with her because she gave her a book? After all the times Kara tried to apologize and do anything including breaking into a government facility to win back her friendship and she never got it, Lena is expecting one moment of humanity from her to win over Kara. Maybe Kara is tired of being used and easily accepting. Plus, she’s still dealing with Jeremiah’s death. The book was a nice gesture, but it doesn’t mean she’s going to stop trying to help people. However, Kara should’ve thought more about using Myriad. I’m tired of them being so trusting of Brainy.

I’m kind of getting tired of Supergirl constantly being manipulated to being the “bad guy.”

And is Brainy still working with Lex when he is talking about the sun-eater or is he clueless to Lex’s manipulations?

How can Supergirl be in a Lexosuit if it has Kryptonite in it?

The peacock in the background during the chess scene with Lex and Lillian was a nice subtle nod to pride, though.

– Courtney

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