Listener Email: Stepford Wived
16 Oct. 2019

Listener Email: Stepford Wived

Courtney wrote in with some thoughts on the Supergirl season five episode titled “Stranger Beside Me”!

Just a bunch of observations and questions this time.

The writers really have no idea what to do with James. Senator? I bursted out laughing at that. I’m not sure how I feel about his vest either. It looks like he left the tailors before they were done fitting him. And I forgot to ask last time, didn’t the D.A. say if James was Guardian  again, he’d be arrested? Or, did they forget or just don’t care after the whole Lex manipulating Agent Liberty and the President mess?

It was good to see Franklin again. I was worried the new contracts might’ve kicked him out of a job. I guess Kara will be covering Boardroom or Ballroom from now on. Maybe she can shed some light on James’ vest.

What tipped off William to follow Kara? He works with her one day for barely an hour and he’s already suspicious of her? Unless it’s because  he thought she was responding to what was on his screen and it worries him for whatever reason then that makes more sense. I’m a little confused by the last scene with him serving at the shelter. What purpose was that? To show he’s not a bad guy? And, William has a lot of union jacks on his desk. Just in case we weren’t sure he was British.

On to J’onn—I feel like what James went through looking at his past is different than what J’onn has to go through. Yes, looking at things in the past can hurt, but for J’onn, it seems to LITERALLY hurt so his little pep talk seems weak and unrelatable.

How does J’onn’s brother know what Kelly sounds like to imitate her?

Lena has bad luck with her assistants. Do the contact lenses record what the person has done in them? She has addressed VR Supergirl as Kara. That could spell trouble in the future, if that’s the case.

Lena  Stepford Wived Eve and Lena totally thinks this is okay.

Where’s Nia’s roommate?

In response to “Event Horizon”, even though I expressed annoyance at Lena, I’m not sure if I like Lena being mad at Kara still, but listening to your guys’ view of it makes it a bit more palatable. I think what bothers me about it is Lena withholds a lot of information, not necessarily lying, but gets really confrontational about it then gets mad at people when she is caught, but doesn’t take responsibility. For her, it’s okay because it’s for Science (so what if she science killed someone?) or for helping Sam and now, she has robot Eve.

Lena’s reactions tend to be extreme. Normal people don’t end friendships over a bump. Or try to remove her emotions (which she totally is failing at). Yes, it’s a pretty major bump, but once Kara explained, there should be a little more empathy. She can still be mad, but I’m confused on if she’s even her friend anymore or faking it.

– Courtney

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  1. daryl says:

    well the thing about james facing possible arrest was solved by lena going to the d.a. and saying hey if you don’t arrest james as guardian i will help you get information on bruno manheim who is an even bigger criminal with ties to Lillian and you can take him down. just look the other way on the charges against james. i definitely think william was only misunderstanding kara looking at his screen and thinking it was more than it was. i think the last scene was just to show us that he is more than what he seems. they want us to be unsure about him i think. i bet kara finds out in the future and they give her some line like wow i didn’t know you had this going on. just something to show she misjudged him. i think right now lena is faking the friendship i am sorry to say

  2. Courtney says:

    I remember Lena making the deal with the DA but that was to drop the charges for James being Guardian but in the news footage saying the charges were dropped the DA had stated that if he were to even don the Guardian garb again, he would be in trouble.

    I hope Kara doesn’t say something cheesy like that. It’ll be like her “The 4th estate saves the day!” quote all over again.

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