Listener Email: Smashing That Picture
26 May. 2019

Listener Email: Smashing That Picture

Daryl sent us some thoughts about the Supergirl season four finale titled “The Quest for Peace”!

About Lex and The Luthors:

– Did anyone get The Matrix vibes from Lex using those people as batteries?

– How does Lex know the aliens he’s kidnapping are qualified to do the work he needs done? It’s very short-sighted.

– Is anyone else questioning how Lex seemed to know Superman went to Argo? My guess is that Lois wrote an article about it before they left.

– I immediately took note during the Luthor family reunion that three of the four people in the Oval Office knew Kara’s secret except the one I wanted to know the most.

– I don’t really buy Lillian’s line about the cancer aging Lex prematurely because he has looked like Jon Cryer from the start.

About Kara as a reporter:

– Lena’s joke about getting quotes for Kara’s article struck me as strange because it’s like they always want to remind us she’s a reporter at the strangest times. Comparing Kara to Woodward and Bernstein? Just because the writers want us to see it like that doesn’t mean we will.

About Brainy:

– You can see everyone notices Brainy’s new strange behavior, but does anyone question it? They do not. You can see the concern on their faces, but God forbid they communicate their feelings about it.

About Alex:

– I continue to be disappointed that Alex doesn’t seem to have told Kara just how close she came to adopting. We could have gotten a good sisters scene out of that. It’s turning into the period of season two when Kara was fired from CatCo, but we never see Alex having knowledge of that fact. These two aren’t the kind of sisters to keep major life events from each other.

About J’onn:

How can J’onn be gone for several weeks in a row, but no one acts like it ever happened. It’s like no one noticed he was gone and we all know that just isn’t something that would happen.

About Kara’s Secret:

It’s unfortunate, but for the second week in a row, Kara has let someone convince her not to tell the truth about her secret. In the finale, it’s Alex telling her to go against her instincts about telling Lena, which she should do. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if when the new season starts, Kara still hasn’t told Lena and we’ll all be screaming into the void: “why?!”.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they decided to be so unoriginal as to have Lena turn evil. in fact, my biggest fear is that they repeat SMALLVILLE and act like their story is original just because there is a gender difference. I love SMALLVILLE, but that certainly doesn’t mean i want to see the same story twice on the same network. Kara should have gotten ahead of things and told Lena when she knew someone as awful as Lillian knew. Truly, I know Lex is the most awful person in the world, but he is my hero for finally telling Lena the truth that everyone else wouldn’t. If Kara had just told Lena, things might not have been as  bad, but she let so many people get inside her head about her secret when she should have told her a long time ago. The show was setting things up in a way where Lena would find out in a way Kara didn’t want her to and because of her hesitance, Lena has learned the truth from someone even I didn’t want her learning it from. But, Kara should blame herself for letting it go on so long. I completely understand Lex was using it as a manipulation tactic, but the only reason he was able to was because Kara hadn’t told Lena the truth. Alex disappointed me when she told Kara to keep the truth from Lena. No one should be able to tell her who she can and can’t tell, but they’re letting that happen all the time. I want Lena to confront every single one of them for lying to her.

If Lena knew and didn’t tell Kara she knew, at least, the show should let the audience know exactly what they’re doing. “Tell no one for your safety and theirs” is always their reasoning, but it makes no sense, considering the things they face week after week. Not telling Lena the truth has never made her safer. Lena is the smartest person on the show, but if she doesn’t realize something, it’s hardly her fault or a sign of her being less intelligent.

They always went back to the old “well Kara needs someone she can just be Kara with”. I’ve never really seen Kara as being unable to be Kara when the situation calls for it. For example, when she is on the couch with Alex or when she is at CatCo doing her job.

Kara deserves a lot of credit for forging her own path, but ultimately she is following along in Clark’s footsteps: reporter doubling as a superhero. Some people have thought Lena would turn bad from the very start. It’s a shame they can’t seem to look past her last name. Kara most certainly understands the shadow of a famous relative, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t still following Clark’s path.

Lena smashing that picture is so deserved.

– Daryl

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  1. Courtney says:

    1. I don’t see the aliens as a sustainable energy source. And word would get out that Earth is not a safe place for aliens to go so if Lex had succeeded would’ve lost his supply.
    2. Honestly, I didn’t know Argo being out there was even common knowledge. It’s not like they divulged who Alura was when she came and helped a bit with the Worldkillers. And then she was gone. For all the rest of Earth knows is that Argo is an asteroid floating by the planet. Unless there was an off screen article Kara wrote seeing how prolific a reporter she’s become.
    3. I think Lillian’s line about the cancer aging Lex prematurely has to do with how he probably looked before going to jail. Though in the flashback scene when he turned the sun red, he did still look the same. But I think the writers are hoping we’d forget that. Guess they thought they mind wiped us as well.
    4. About Lena making that Kara is a reporter comment, it seemed like she was making light of the situation cuz she was worried of going to meet Lex. Correct me if I’m wrong, I think m they had mentioned Kara reaching the public through reporting before this. Didn’t really matter since Kara didn’t wait for these quotes Lena was going to get before publishing 😂
    5. I’ve given up on the whole Alex adoption story. I’m still miffed from last season when Reign put Kara into a coma on Christmas Eve and there was no sign of Eliza. She wasn’t there for the holiday to be worried about Kara but maybe Alex and Kara were planning to go home. If that was the case, shouldn’t she have called? It kinda goes with the next point.
    6. I too found it strange no one mentioned J’onn being gone. Clearly the day he left Kara didn’t know since she tried calling him when all hell broke loose. I’m hoping he left a message with someone and we’re to assume it happened off screen.
    7. I think a few episodes back when Kara and Lena were in Lex’s cell and Kaznia really started to show the flaw in the “don’t tell for Lena’s protection” excuse. And they sort of tried to address that when Kara decided she needed to tell Lena. But of course they came up with an excuse for her not to. I think it was funny and sadly accurate when Rebecca or Morgan said Lena dropping her ice cream will probably prevent Kara from telling her to avoid ruining her day further.

  2. Daryl, I think your speculation about how Lex knew about Superman going to Argo is a fair one. I also suspect that Lois and Clark had to take some sort of maternity/paternity leave and Lex went through The Daily Planet’s records. Though, if that’s the case, I wonder if Lex knows that Clark Kent is Superman? If he knew about Kara being Supergirl, my guess is that he probably does.

    I would agree with you that from Lena’s perspective, smashing that picture is deserved. She has every right to be angry that everyone she thought were her friends has lied to her. I think there is room for forgiveness and understanding, but I’ll be curious to see how the writers choose to handle her response in season five.

    Thanks for writing in and sharing your thoughts!

  3. daryl washington says:

    thank you both for your comments 🙂

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