Listener Email: Showing, Not Telling
17 Nov. 2018

Listener Email: Showing, Not Telling

Daryl wrote in with some thoughts about the Season Four episode titled “Parasite Lost”.

The writers make Alex director to limit her time in the field, but it hasn’t been limited at all! She has been leading teams in every episode since the premiere. Now, she isn’t even truly in charge anymore and has to answer to Sam Lane 2.0.

They give Kara a mentor storyline with Nia that should have gone to Alex and Jensen since Kara doesn’t show up to CatCo half the time and we all know it and are wondering the same thing.

They make James the CEO and when they stop caring for CatCo, they make him Guardian, but Guardian’s not too popular and what do they do? They get it into their heads that we want both? We don’t want both. At least, I don’t. They are desperate to make Guardian and James as CEO work at the same time. Then, James lets himself get manipulated into going out by that creep Ben Lockwood. in the premiere, it was made clear that if he went out again as Guardian, he could be prosecuted, but then it’s just dropped like National City is as lawless as Tombstone. I found it interesting to hear Kara talk about the power of the press as if it’s a new power she just discovered while James is forgetting that fact.

I did like seeing Brainy and Nia meet again and I guess if Kara is not going to be put in a romantic story this season, it’ll be up to them to find someone else for Brainy. A commenter on AVClub makes this great point: “Nia being flustered when Brainy showed up is how you SHOW chemistry between characters, instead of having the people around them TELLING about chemistry.” I agree with this because they think that just having Kara tell the audience she sees chemistry between James and Lena in the episode “Reign” is enough to make us believe it so they don’t have to bother showing it.

– Daryl

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  1. Daryl says:

    An additional thought. The avclub review makes a great observation about the fact that it’s claimed that amadei’s daughter has never met him and yet he had such a current image of her.

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