Listener Email: Showing Fear and Pain
13 Oct. 2019

Listener Email: Showing Fear and Pain

Gina wrote in with some thoughts about the Supergirl season five premiere titled “Event Horizon”!

Happy Season 5 Premiere!

I enjoyed this episode! I don’t know if it was my favorite season premiere, but I really enjoyed most of it.

The villain was a little disappointing as she was a Monster of the Week type character, and I felt like there could have been more to it than what they gave. Then again, I guess it was a introduction to J’onn’s brother and how that relationship is established. Also, it did gave us another fight with a dinosaur on the show!

I’ve only watched the episode once, but did it at any point mention how much time has passed? It must have been quite a bit of time if Alex and Kelly are an official thing and no one mentioned Kara getting bangs once.

It would explain how Lena’s built up of resentment of Kara and her secret is so much. But, my burning question is…does anyone know what happened with Lex? I’m pretty sure Lena didn’t just mention to the others, “I killed my brother” but, after all the ruckus he caused last season, I’m assuming people are looking for him. Of course, they won’t find him because the Monitor got to him, but then, does Lena wonder what happened with his body she left behind?

I truly enjoyed the reveal to Lena. Melissa kicked that scene’s ass. Even if you were frustrated by her not telling Lena all these seasons, Melissa made for the reasons why work. She was amazing in showing that fear and that pain for keeping it in all this time. I found myself feeling what she was feeling when you’re about to tell someone something important that might make or break a relationship.

I will say, Lena is leaning into that Luthor side! I really want the writers to take the Super and Luthor relationship somewhere different. We know that Lex and Clark have such a toxic relationship, whether it started that way or not, but there’s history there. We know how it will end, no matter how it begins.

But with Lena and Kara, there is a chance to not rehash the same Lex/Clark story. It should be their own story, and the way Lena has fought so hard to not be the Typical Luthor, it would be a disservice for her to become that Typical Luthor. But, we’ll see!



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