Listener Email: Shaking Things Up
29 Jan. 2019

Listener Email: Shaking Things Up

Susan wrote in to share some thoughts on the season four episode of Supergirl titled “Suspicious Minds”!

Ladies –

Still loving the podcast even though I haven’t had time to write much this year.  But I have to disagree with you on the end of this past week’s episode.  While I agree with you about mind wipes as a plot device, in general, I think making it so Alex doesn’t know Kara is Supergirl is brilliant, and leaves room for some fantastic storytelling.

– Kara and Alex is the core relationship of the show, and this “rift” should ultimately reinforce how crucial that relationship really is by showing us what happens when it is broken.

– Will be really interesting to see if Alex not knowing Kara is an alien prompts her to buy into the “all aliens are evil” theme running through the DEO.

– Every show needs some conflict in the core relationship, or it is boring. (As a soap opera fan, you know that – the fan favorite couple always breaks up.  That’s what Damon Lindelof meant by giving fans what they need – to make the show interesting).  Alex and Kara have basically gotten along for this season and all of last season, and this is a better way of shaking things up than manufacturing some fight that would not be consistent with their characters.

– I have always thought the most interesting thing about the Superman stories (Lois and Clark being one I am a big fan of) is that most of the other characters do not know Clark is Superman.  I think the mistake this show has made is that so many people know, not that Lena doesn’t.  This plot twist gives the writers a chance to explore the kinds of stories you can only tell when people close to Kara don’t know.  (Something we lost when we lost Cat Grant.)

– It isn’t clear to me if J’onn can retrore Alex’s memory.  If not, what a great scene when Kara finally tells her (again).

I do agreee that it can’t go on that long – I am guessing it will be maximum 2-4 episodes, and they will clear it up in a big February sweeps episode. If it goes on too long, I might end up changing my view.

But, overall, I haven’t been this excited for the next week at the end of a Supergirl episode in a long time – I cannot wait to see what they do with it!

Happy viewing and keep on podcasting.

– Susan

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