Listener Email: Re-Energized Excitement
06 Feb. 2020

Listener Email: Re-Energized Excitement

Joseph wrote in to share some thoughts about the Supergirl season five episode titled “Back From the Future Part One”!

It’s been a while since I wrote last, but since the break and crossover event is finished, I thought now would be the time to write again. This one actually is about the episode, not being a therapy session near the end, as my last one.

I’m a little surprised and yet not really, how little the events of the crossover changed how this story would go; with Lex being back as the main exception. I don’t mind that so much as this season has already been one of the strongest seasons of the show. I hesitate to say the strongest because it’s not over yet, so we have to wait on judgement to rank it among the best. Regardless definitely a great first half.

Thus far, the only issues I’ve had with the season is that Alex doesn’t get that much to do outside of her relationship, which unfortunately, is not deep enough for me to care about. We’ll see if it could win me over later on. The only other thing is that Leviathan could be a little more interesting, but again, we have to wait and see if it ends up being satisfying.

Outside of that, I think the characters introduced have been great so far. Glad to see with this current episode that Andrea is getting something to do again and I look forward to more from her, in particular. While William (especially after this episode) is clearly set up to be another love interest for Kara, he’s still got some interesting things to do. Hard to say if Malefic will be in the season again, if not he had a good story, even if it was wrapped up a little too quickly.

I’m still convinced that Lena’s arc is going to be redemption this season, but that’s not a bad thing. Considering the connection between the characters in last season, I think she will be sharing that with Brainy. Katie McGrath is always killing it and just the scenes with her and Jon Cryer alone are enough to make him coming back worth it; not to mention the return of Brenda Strong (even if it’s only for a few minutes in episodes here and there).

Melissa is still such a joy to watch in this role and it’s great to see her great some juicy material this season, and that doesn’t show signs of stopping. To be honest, I understand a little more now why she didn’t get that much to do last season, considering her time on stage, so it’s a little more excusable because of it and hey…at least, she gets a chance to do something outside of this property. God knows she deserves it.

Jesse Rath is finally getting something to do in this second half of the season, outside of his relationship with Nia. Seems like this season is going to be the chance for most of the cast to get to play doppelgänger’s of each other. With Jesse in “The Bottle Episode'” and Jeremy Jordan in this (presumably) two-part story.

Speaking of Jeremy Jordan, I’m so happy with this episode and his Toyman performance reminds of Mark Hamill or maybe a Tim Curry; so over the top and so fun to watch. Outside of that performance, I thought he did a great job and had some good character beats this season. In particular, the scene between Brainy and Winn is just a great piece between the actors and the characters.

Still very much enjoying the story and themes of technology this season. Sure, it’s an overplayed commentary piece at this point, but it’s still well done, in my opinion. Nice to see a comeback of that with this episode. Not just with Winn’s social media piece and troll community satire, but also the integration of the virtual reality being blurred with reality with what Andrea seems to be unveiling.

Overall, I’m very happy with what we’ve gotten from the season so far and I look forward to the rest. This episode, in particular, re-energized my excitement for the show. Hopefully, they can stick the landing.

– Joseph

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