Listener Email: Private Eye/Investigative Reporter
01 Mar. 2019

Listener Email: Private Eye/Investigative Reporter

Gina sent us an email to share some thoughts on the Supergirl season four episode titled, “Menagerie”!

Hey, ladies!

I really enjoyed this episode. I think part of the reason is not thinking too deeply about how Alex’s mindwipe works and I kind of saw it as Kara hiding her Supergirl persona from her sister. We got some nice Danvers sisters moments, seeing how so protective Alex is of Kara and Kara just desperately trying to hang on to something that’s missing from her relationship with her sister.

Of course, Alex has always been protective of her sister, even after she put on the cape, which always brings out the feels when I see that. But, it was a nice side of Alex’s protective side that we haven’t seen because while she hates seeing Kara being attacked, there was a side of her that knew Kara could handle most of it because of her alien abilities.

I’m enjoying Kara and J’onn teaming up in the Private Eye/Investigative Reporter capacity. Between the two of them, they have various alien abilities that you would think could get them to where they need to be quickly. But, I like how they rarely use them. It’s just good, old fashioned research.

It’s always a fun thing when Kara gets to hide her powers, even if it’s from her own sister. The sneeze/super breath never gets old, and her “shock” at finding the hidden door were great scenes. It was both sweet and heart-breaking to see Kara wanting to continue to be by Alex’s side for work.

The one part I didn’t quite get was Alex’s decision at the end. I felt like it was a REALLY weird conclusion for her to get to, considering the situation she, of course, didn’t know she was in. What I mean is that I feel like that’s a conclusion she should have gotten to in knowing Kara was Supergirl, that she knows Kara can’t be hurt as often as if she was just her dorky, human little sister.

I don’t understand why she just decided, “Oh, you know what? You almost got bitten by some weird alien snake, but you didn’t, so I’m done trying to worry this much about you. I’ll worry about myself.”

I mean, don’t get me wrong, good for Alex. It is a long time coming. But, I just didn’t think it would be during a time she doesn’t know Kara is practically invulnerable.

Other quick thoughts:

– Exactly how many marshmallow things did Kara eat during this episode? She ate a LOT of sugar!
– Menagerie was a fun villain; I really liked the actress and hope she gets more fleshed out in the next few episodes
– James and Lena… oh, yes, Lena…it was inevitable…it really was.
– Nia was amazing in this episode. Her talk with Kara was just as good as a Danvers sisters couch talk. I really like how they’ve formed their friendship and how they’re connecting with each other on many levels.
– Brainy being Brainy is the best Brainy!
– One thought I’m trying to ignore, but it keeps rearing its ugly head: so this mindwipe thing is going beyond two episodes, huh?

– Gina

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