Listener Email: Pretending To Be Brainy Pretending To Be Ben
24 May. 2019

Listener Email: Pretending To Be Brainy Pretending To Be Ben

Alanys wrote in with some thoughts about the Supergirl season four penultimate episode titled “Red Dawn”!

Hi, Supergirl Radio!

This has been my favorite episode of the season! I’ve been waiting for this episode for a long time! Finally, Red Daughter!

Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, and Jesse Rath did an extraordinary job in their scenes. I never cry with movies or TV shows, but Chyler Leigh made me cry at the scene where Kara “dies”, a beautiful scene. Although, when I rewatched the episode,  I had a small deja vu with the movie Tangled when Kara revived.

Sam Witwer, who plays Ben Lockwood, did such a good job pretending to be Brainy pretending to be Ben.

Also, Kara says she has been dealing with Kryptonite for fifteen years? But, when she first entered the DEO, she didn’t know that Kryptonite was a thing.

Did I hear that Kara only had one copy of the evidence against Lex Luthor? Why? If that’s such an important information, why keep just one copy?

– Alanys

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  1. Sam Witwer did a fantastic job as Brainy! I’m glad that he got to show off his acting skills in that scene!

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