Listener Email: Penultimate Questions
17 May. 2020

Listener Email: Penultimate Questions

Courtney sent us an email with questions about the Supergirl Season Five episode titled “The Missing Link”!

I guess this is the penultimate episode. My thoughts are a little bit long so feel free to just pick a bit of it and I’m sure you probably noticed some things I’ve mentioned. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode.

First things first, how would Steve know a solar event happened while in an elevator? Can we have better writing?

I’m a little surprised Alex is more team Lena than Kara. I would think even Alex would be suspicious of Lena, but she didn’t seem like it at all.

And Rama Khan hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years? What about right before Crisis? I guess that didn’t happen, but why even look up the name “Rama Khan”? How do they know the name? I thought they barely know of Leviathan.

Maybe Nia’s still feeling stuff since “Reality Bytes” and I guess we’re supposed to assume that. Is that why she is so quick to dismiss Brainy from her dream without wondering what he symbolizes? Seems she should’ve been practicing her dream skills more than her dream whips and other random powers she has. Her dream skills are her main power after all. This subplot would’ve been a good opportunity to bring back Maeve.

Why doesn’t Kara just levitate whenever fighting Rama Khan? He can’t control the air so when he jams his staff on the ground, it wouldn’t affect her. I mean he’ll still get the Kryptonite, but maybe it’d be harder and outcomes would’ve been different.

Did Brainy lose his Legion ring? I would’ve guessed he could’ve used it to lift the piece of cement on him. Then again, I also thought he was a 12th Level Intellect. I really think the other Brainys from “The Bottle Episode” were really the evil Brainiacs and tricked him because he hasn’t been useful ever since he let them merge with him.

I guess The CW really just wants to get rid of the DEO forever. Guess we’ll never get Director Bones.

Why did Kelly tell Andrea Eve’s real name is Eve Tessmacher when the tablet clearly says that. Just because for awhile it was Employee 817 or whatever doesn’t mean Andrea didn’t know her real name. It’s not like she was going by the name of…oh I don’t know, Hope.

Guess we kind of got the answer about why Kara didn’t use the Daft Punk suit in the previous episode. Kara implied it hasn’t been made by Lena.

OMG. Is Alex getting the Guardian shield?  I am dying. 🤣

I half expected Lena was going to show up at Kara’s and go, “Yo, you were right. Lex is evil, but hey I got you a Kryptonite suit”. I wonder if Kara can tell Lena is telling the truth by her heartbeat?

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