Listener Email: Parent/Child Relationships
22 Jun. 2018

Listener Email: Parent/Child Relationships

Danae wrote in to share some thoughts about how Season 3 ended.

I was really scared that I wouldn’t like the finale, since I was kinda disappointed by the last two episodes, but I really liked it. The love triangle ended in probably the classiest way it could. I was about to throw my laptop out of the window when Alex said she was going to resign, but Space Dad came to the rescue, and gave her a chance to experience a career and motherhood. J’onn saying goodbye to his father and is not fearing the fire anymore were both beautiful. And at long last, we’re ending an episode on a Danvers Sisters couch scene again.

And honestly, someone should give Odette all the awards. She’s been amazing this entire season, but this episode felt like such a roller coaster of emotions, and a wonderful conclusion to her arc. I hope we’ll see her pop up every now and then in the upcoming seasons.

I really liked the send-off Winn got, but was surprised that Kara was telling Winn about that time she told him she is Supergirl, right in front of Lena? I was kinda sad that Lena didn’t get a formal goodbye with Winn, since they’ve had a few nice scenes together in the past two seasons. (But, that might also be because I’ve headcanonned them as half-siblings since 2×05, thinking they could turn out to have the same mother.) The end group hug was nice though, basically having that core group of Season 1 together again.

I’m not sure how I feel about Alura leaving again. On the one hand, I don’t want Alura to stick around too long. But, I feel like we haven’t even scratched the surface of what I expected a Kara/Alura reunion to be like. We’ve had a lot of characters this season making amends with their parents and I think the J’onn/Myr’nn storyline raised the bar for any parent/child relationship on the show. The Sam/Patricia reconciliation this episode felt far more emotional to me than any Kara/Alura scene we’ve had in the past few episodes. I wish we would’ve gotten just a little bit more from Kara seeing her mother again.

In that scene with the second Kara at the end, she was naked, like Sam when she was seperated from Reign. Does this mean she is an evil Worldkiller Kara?

Supergirl is probably gonna be pissed at Lena again when she finds out that Lena still has Black Kryptonite. But then again, it might be exactly what they need to defeat this second Kara, and then Lena will save the world once again. I hope that this isn’t Lena descending into evil, but making her more ambiguous is something I’m intrigued about. On the other hand, Katie McGrath playing a villain is delightful so I guess I’ll be enjoying it either way.

This was a long email, but there were just a lot of moments in this finale that I liked, especially in comparison to previous episodes. I mean, it had some magic science stuff that I don’t really understand yet and some other twists and turns I’m not quite sure how to feel about yet, but overall, they set up a nice deck to start Season 4 that I can get really excited about.

– Danae


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  1. daryl washington says:

    when kara and winn were talking it wasn’t really right in front of lena. she was several feet away standing next to alura. i am surprised lena and alura didn’t say one word to each other though.

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