Listener Email: Original Cast Energy
31 Jan. 2020

Listener Email: Original Cast Energy

Gina wrote in with some thoughts about the Supergirl season five episode titled “Back From the Future – Part One”!

Hi, Supergirl Radio!

I really liked this episode. One of the best ones of the season so far, not counting any Crisis. I mean, this post-Crisis/post-Amadei era is still quite confusing for me, but I’m at a point where I can’t think about it too much or it might break my brain.

I have always liked Winn, but I didn’t know how much I missed him until I saw him in this episode. There really is an energy he brings to an episode as well as an energy he brings to the original cast that I love. It was the little things I liked, especially with Kara. I’m glad they gave Kara and Winn a scene together to chat. They had such a great dynamic in the first couple of seasons and their scenes are a great reminder of it. The one thing they missed out on is him commenting on her new suit since he created the original one, which I really miss ’til this day.

It looks like the show is heading towards a William/Kara relationship. I’m not leaning one way or another, just as long as they handle it properly. The one thing I’m not keen on with William is that he’s not a tremendously interesting character. Or, maybe not a a well-established character, especially now with the reset. While I wasn’t a fond of the Mon-El/Kara thing for reasons, at least Mon-El had a personality and a good background story.

If either of you watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer, I feel like he might be the Riley to Kara’s Buffy. Riley was just vanilla to me. (I could go on and on about anything “Buffy” since it is my all-time favorite show, but I’ll leave it at that.)

However, what I did like about Riley and Buffy, and the potential Kara and James had, were the trials and tribulations of a normal person dating a superhero. Obviously, William is one of the few who doesn’t know Kara’s secret which is another layer that even the Kara/James dynamic didn’t have. I’m curious where they take it.

Quick Thoughts:

I know J’onn naming their new secret base (which they had something similar in season 1 at CatCo, mind you) “The Tower” wasn’t so exciting. But, I wonder if it’s a nod to the JLU cartoon’s Watchtower, The Justice League’s headquarters in space?
We’re halfway through the season and I’m still not seeing what Alex’s storyline is for this season? This season is sorely missing a LOT of Danvers Sisters scenes and it’s showing!

I really loved the Supergirl save in the theater when the explosion happens. It is the first time in a long time they show just what Supergirl can do with her powers when they let her. I feel like the show dampens her abilities all the time.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how much Lex is in this season. I really didn’t know they were going to use him so much after Crisis…and I ain’t mad.



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