Listener Email: Ordinary People Parallel
25 Oct. 2018

Listener Email: Ordinary People Parallel

New Rachel wrote us an email with thoughts about “Fallout”, but due to time, we weren’t able to share them on the podcast. Here are her fully-realized thoughts that include an insightful observation about how the second episode of Season Four features a parallel of ordinary people being paired up with people with superpowers.

Dear Supergirl Radio,

I think this episode was even better than the last one! So much went on in it and everything seems to be moving forward in a very interesting way.

After watching the episode, I realized there was a parallel between the scenes with Nia and Brainy and those with Lena and Kara. Namely, Nia and Lena (seemingly ordinary people, although we know Nia has superpowers, but has yet to fully tap into them) making it a priority to protect Brainy and Kara (people with superpowers) from those that meant harm to them. It made both seem powerful and those scenes certainly more meaningful in comparison.

Also, I noticed that the person Fiona (J’onn’s friend from the season premiere) had been engaged to was none other than Manchester Black! I’m not sure what this show will do with him, but I look forward to seeing him, as he may turn out to be J’onn’s ally or his antagonist throughout the season- in addition to, of course, interacting with Kara.

I really did enjoy the episode and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

P.S, I’m sorry, but Brainy using “Barney” as his name for when he’s in his human disguise is kind of ridiculous. I feel like he’d be able to come up with something at least a little bit better than that.

– New Rachel

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