Listener Email: On-Screen Dreams
10 Dec. 2018

Listener Email: On-Screen Dreams

Emily wrote in with some thoughts about the Supergirl season four episode titled “Bunker Hill”!

Hello, Supergirl Radio!

A few thoughts about “Bunker Hill”…

Considering this was a significant step forward in the Agent Liberty story, I didn’t find it very compelling. It all seemed to happen so quickly, and I was a bit perturbed that Manchester Black was really leading that storyline, not Supergirl or the DEO. The most interesting things to come out of this for me were 1) the president questioning Supergirl’s hidden identity and 2) Agent Liberty has a boss? Who is not very smart, it seems?

And is there going to be something that can hurt and/or entrap Supergirl every week? For a being whose only weakness is kryptonite, it’s getting out of hand now. I’m sure it’s hard to make fights that aren’t simply one-sided when you have a Super involved, but it’s starting to come off as lazy writing.

Also, while I liked Nia, Brainy and Kara together, this plays into one of my least favorite storytelling devices, which is dreams. On-screen dreams are rarely interesting to me. I can’t really explain why. I think it has to do with their nonlinear, nonsensical nature. But, I’ll keep an open mind about how they’re going to use Nia’s power going forward.

Finally, I really missed Lena this episode, and yes would have even liked more James. Regarding Lena, I have a very underdeveloped theory that part of the motivation for her trials is that somebody is sick. Could be James, Lillian, maybe Lena herself, not sure. What kind of illness and how she knows about it… dunno. This is the underdeveloped part. I’m pretty bad at speculation, so I’m probably wrong. Any thoughts?

– Emily

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