Listener Email: Official Super Friend?
02 Nov. 2019

Listener Email: Official Super Friend?

Daryl wrote in with some thoughts about the Supergirl season five episode titled “In Plain Sight”!

1. Why are they having J’onn freak out about Alex having a gun that can kill his kind when she killed that White Martian with her gun a few weeks ago?

2. James has no journalistic integrity. He buries a story involving L-Corp last season, but after he and Lena break up, he tells Mackenzie to move forward with it in a plot the show has seemingly abandoned.

3. Was the senator storyline let go after they realized no one would buy James Olsen as a senate candidate? Did they throw in this hometown newspaper story at the last minute?

4. Lena is giving Brainy great advice on his relationship, but the number one person who should be taking her advice is Lena.

5. Say hello to William Dey, Kara’s next boyfriend. He isn’t the person we thought he was so now we have to think of him in an entirely new way. Now, it’s on the writers to make us believe it. In my opinion, they’ll rush it like they rush every other relationship and they’ll be sleeping together by Crisis. Since this is The CW, that’s an entirely fair assessment. His reveal at the end does definitely seem overl dramatic. He barely knows Kara, yet she draws that kind of emotion from him? They telegraph their storylines so that we see it coming from a mile off. Kara definitely doesn’t do herself any favors in the scene, either. No reasonable person would still hold a grudge after finding out the truth. They’re only doing it for the sake of drama before they have Kara realize she likes him.

6. J’onn’s secret is out already? After going over this plot extensively, I have to give them credit for having the secret come out so soon. It must have been hard for them to have a character be honest so soon since they love their plot secrets

7. They barely show Kara as a reporter, but we’re supposed to believe she has international contacts, not as Supergirl, but as Kara Danvers?

8. I know Alex is under Malefic’s control in the scene with J’onn, but she isn’t saying a word that I don’t think is true. When you think about it, given Alex’s closeness to J’onn, it makes no sense that she wouldn’t be the first one to undergo the Martian protocol.

9. Lena has helped Supergirl countless times and only now, she’s an official super friend? It may be too little too late. Don’t forget that Lena has been a world saving genius since season two.

10. Did anyone notice the total lack of aliens in the so-called alien bar besides J’onn and Kara?

11. Is it just me or does James’ decision seem tacked on? They’re not even giving his exit the weight it deserves since they pushed his news to the last part of the episode. Also, when is Lena going to learn James is gone? Thankfully, they’re broken up, but this seems like news that should be shared with her, too.


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