Listener Email: Not Ready for Her to Go
02 Feb. 2019

Listener Email: Not Ready for Her to Go

Daryl sent in some thoughts about the Supergirl season four episode titled, “Blood Memory”!

I wonder why, out of all the things in the van, that the radiation hit the pills?

My one wish was granted in seeing Lena be at Game Night, but I wish it hadn’t been because she’s dating James. I say that because she and Kara have been friends for quite a while and I don’t remember Lena being at a Game Night before. Though, Lena and James do, once again, prove themselves to be incompatible. It’s a minor incompatibility, but given how I hate them being paired up, I will take what I can get. Do they really have a deep connection or is this another instance of the show expecting us to believe something just because a character says it? The last time I can remember this happening was also a scene between Lena and James.

I immediately considered the fact that James would cover up for Lena in Mackenzie’s investigation and his look after telling Mackenzie she has good instincts afterwards is only making me think he’s doubting his own. I’ve never thought James to have journalistic integrity when he wrote an article on Guardian and thought Snapper would just accept it. James isn’t a writer and the show doesn’t even want him as a photographer these days.

I think we can all agree that is Lena’s apartment and James is still living under his desk. Haha!

Are glasses and a different hairstyle actually a good disguise? Because that’s definitely what the show wants us to think.

I wouldn’t call Kara “Nia’s boss”. Yes, Cat sent Nia to be mentored by Kara, but it’s not like Kara gives her assignments. Kara is qualified to be exactly no one’s boss right now.

I just met Nia’s mother and I’m not ready for her to go either, especially, since her death was so unexplained. Does she have an allergy to spiders? Was the spider poisonous? It’s like the show expects us to interpet the dreams ourselves. The most important plot point that sets up so much of the rest of the episode is simply left unexplained.

I’m glad that Nia finally knows Kara is Supergirl, but it only further highlights the fact that Lena still doesn’t know and that’s not fair. It’s also pretty unfair for Alex not to even contemplate that Supergirl has emotions. Kara says that so few people know her secret so she can protect them and that’s certainly true for Alex, but would Lena really be in any additional danger if she knew? If Lena finds out, she will certainly think Kara lied because she’s a Luthor and who among us can say that she’s wrong?

– Daryl

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  1. daryl washington says:

    i want to end with this line from the avclub review: the existence of the town as a long-standing prejudice-free oasis really drills home just how much Supergirl is retconning aliens into its world.

  2. It’s pretty jarring that they keep retconning aliens, but I guess we’re just supposed to go with it now. Frustrating for me, as a viewer.

    i agree with you about the apartment that we’ve seen Lena and James hang out in recently. It does seem to be Lena’s place.

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