Listener Email: Nia’s Biggest Secret
10 Dec. 2018

Listener Email: Nia’s Biggest Secret

Daryl wrote in with some thoughts about the Supergirl season four episode titled “Bunker Hill”!

I’m far less worried about Supergirl’s future with the DEO than I think they intended. Supergirl will still save people and with a sister who’s the director of the agency, she’ll still help her as needed. Does Kara get paid by the DEO? They really love pulling that government employee line out when they feel like it.

Where was Ben Lockwood’s son during this episode? This show just drops family members as they see fit and it’s strange.

Well, President Tron is turning out to be awful. Why doesn’t Supergirl tell him that she doesn’t have a secret identity and is just Supergirl full-time? That’s certainly what they went for last season.

With Nia liking classic movies, too, they are really pushing this whole Kara parallel. I definitely caught the Hook reference and was glad it wasn’t as badly done as last season’s Hook reference. That “bangarang” came out of absolutely nowhere.

How is Kara still so bad at lying? She’s a professional at lying yet she could barely get through the lie she told Nia.

For anyone wondering, it was said in a previous season (I think in the season two episode “Alex”) that the DEO does know that Kara is Supergirl. Colonel Haley and the President are likely to know, too.

I’m a bit surprised that Kara isn’t so open with Nia yet even though Nia is trusting her with her biggest secret. The “Nia is an alien” reveal still somehow managed to feel like a weird retcon. It also raises a million questions that the episode just kind of breezes past. How long has she been on Earth? Was she born here? Where are her parents/family? (We know her family is coming soon, but it’s still a valid question.)

– Daryl

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  1. Daryl says:

    That should be Haley and the president are likely too new to know

  2. Kara Querl says:

    I find it interesting that you felt Nia being an alien felt reconned. Her name being Nia Nal made it very clear to me as a long time Nura Nal fan that she would turn out to be Naltorian. They also confirmed at Comic Con and subsequent interviews that she would be Nura’s ancestor. I am wondering if the belief that she was human came from inside the show or outside the show?

    • I think the confusion on that stemmed from the fact that the original breakdowns for Nia talked more about her connection to Cat Grant. Even though they initially confirmed that she would be related to Dream Girl, we didn’t know for sure that The CW’s interpretation would still have Dream Girl being from Naltor. After all, they’ve taken liberties with other characters before. For example, Snapper Carr not snapping (you know, the whole essence of his character).

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