Listener Email: Need for Secret Password
01 Nov. 2019

Listener Email: Need for Secret Password

Jen wrote in with some thoughts about the Supergirl season five episode titled “In Plain Sight”!

Oh ladies, this episode has so much to unwrap.

A few things about this episode:

1) Alex gives no craps that Malefic is J’onn’s brother, but she’s overly excited to obliterate him. She’s not objective at all and not fit to be director. Act first, think later kills folks.

2) This “in love” Brainy is very odd. He seems way more emotional than his character seems to be capable of (don’t personally have enough backstory on Brainy to know if this is accurate).

3) I’m no lawyer, but getting 10 years for petty theft seems a bit like Supergirl writers laziness. I’d like to hear your lawyers’ opinions…petty theft is usually 30 days in jail and fine. 10 years should absolutely be appealed by the prisoner. They can file their own appeal. I’m not buying this scenario at all. Most sentencing guidelines are set by the state (some are local).

4) How J’onn doesn’t piece together how Alex knew his secret is pretty far-fetched. He can mindread as well. J’onn isn’t an idiot. Bugs me how this show severely weakens him. Why didn’t they all have a secret password to tell if you were the real you? Not sure how you get around the mind control scenario, but it was pretty predictable.

5) Evil reporter guy is flirting with Kara? No. Please, no romance that develops from negativity. Been there done that.

6) Wasn’t the Daddy Olsen camera broken? Or was it fixed and I forgot?

7) Lena working with Malefic? This is way beyond revenge against Kara. This is absolute insanity. She’s betraying everyone and siding with someone who could easily dispatch her.

8) Also, what’s the deal with Malefic and the Monitor? There has been zero reference to their “relationship” since the season finale. What tie do they have to Crisis? Because I’m sure Monitor is using him to bring about the Crisis.

9) Has anyone mentioned that Lena and Hope sound like they’re creating the Anti-Life Equation? If so, your Crisis-tie-to-Supergirl wish might come true. Crisis convos on the show probably won’t show up until two episodes out since it’s mostly a centrally-Earth 1 thing at the moment.

Fun as always, ladies!

A Nerd Named Jen

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