Listener Email: Nancy Drew-ing It
28 Feb. 2019

Listener Email: Nancy Drew-ing It

Courtney wrote in to share some thoughts about the Supergirl season four episode titled, “Menagerie”!

Hey Supergirl Radio!

Just a couple of thoughts on this episode:

1. Why wasn’t Agent Liberty’s outfit confiscated when he was arrested? I thought the mask was just a one time thing so how did he have a spare in the warehouse for Kid Liberty to find?

2. When Alex asks what Kara and J’onn are doing at the scene, all I can think of is that they’re Nancy Drewing the crap out this case.  This was a fun scene to watch, despite the gruesomeness of it. We have to get our Danvers Sisters fix anyway we can nowadays. But, was Kara able to see through the safe? So, it’s not made of lead?

3. I’ve never been a fan of the James and Lena relationship, but this breakup was lame. Lena wanted James to help be her moral compass and when he tells her an excellent point about the government militarizing her research, she totally doesn’t listen at all. Maybe he needed to explain better. I’ve noticed James doesn’t totally get to the point or bring up the important stuff first when talking to Lena. But, kicking him out of the car was dumb. On a lighter note, I think she took his luggage hahaha. I love Lena, but the writing for her this year is awful and if it’s a means to make her an evil Luthor, it seems a bit predictable and has a bit of a Morgana in Merlin vibe. Which makes for sad typecasting.

4. When Junior Liberty kills the snake thing and says Supergirl couldn’t kill it, it makes me wonder if EVERYONE has been mindwiped. Because when has Supergirl EVER killed the aliens she’s fought? She’s been filmed many times saving the day and hasn’t had to kill the other aliens. Well, except Parasite in season two…maybe… that one was a little unclear since I think Lockwood used the parasite on Manchester’s fiancé.

5. One would think that Kara would start locking her door so she doesn’t accidentally fly in and find Alex in her apartment. Alex apparently has never seen Kara without her glasses. Major eye roll. I don’t know why my immediate thought when Alex says she wants to start trusting people can protect themselves is that she seemed to have forgotten her team she left at Menagerie’s place that got killed.

6. The Patriot Act only applies to humans being attacked as terrorism? That part may be legit, but the President is okay with taking the stance that aliens don’t deserve any protection and so Lockwood doesn’t get arrested for committing hate crimes?

I am so over this whole mindwipe thing and the Children of Liberty. Lex Luthor and Kasnian Kara will be a welcome change. Maybe they’ll get rid of these awful storylines.  At least, it was nice to see Alex tell Haley that Supergirl isn’t the enemy, but still I think this might be my least favorite episode of this season. Season Four is a little too all over the map for me, so here’s hoping it gets better.

– Courtney

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