Listener Email: Most Journalists Aren’t Me
22 Nov. 2018

Listener Email: Most Journalists Aren’t Me

Jessica sent us an email to share thoughts about the Supergirl season four episode titled “Call to Action”!

Hi, Supergirl Radio! These are my thoughts on the most recent episode.

I liked this episode overall and actually have enjoyed every episode this season so far. My main criticism of the episode regards James, who is reaching new levels of annoying for me. I am not a fan of Lena and James being a couple, romantically, mostly because there have only been a couple scenes here and there that have come close to selling it to me, but I had some hopes of them being a good team at least until this episode. The fact that he just ignores Lena, not only as his girlfriend, but as his boss/CEO when she booked him to go on the TV show and told him to disavow Agent Liberty (I think Lena has chosen a side now, by the way), because he thought he knew better than her was just lame. Lena even brings up all the issues with it and tells him that’s how journalists get killed, but he just says “most journalists aren’t me”. That’s his reason? I mean he listened to Nia, who had similar viewpoints and concerns, but not his boss?? I just think more and more bad decisions are being made by James because he thinks he knows better than everyone else (or that’s the impression I get), and it’s highlighting things I haven’t liked about him since becoming Guardian even more than normal. This is especially true since I’m still not sold on his relationship with Lena, and even Kara/Supergirl listens to Lena more than James and said she’s right most of the time.

Other than that, I really liked this episode. I was happy to see Kara get to debate with Ben Lockwood since James didn’t show up. If only James had listened to Lena, he would have actually ended up talking to who he was taking crazy risks to talk to on his own. I’m glad Kara was the one who went though, because that scene was great and I liked seeing her face him as Kara Danvers knowing what she knows about him. It probably would have been a much different discussion if James had shown up. The ending comments when Ben Lockwood talked about what happened after Thanksgiving to relate it to aliens seemed to actually make Kara think about his viewpoint a little differently and I thought it went along well with your comments from last week about listening to opposing viewpoints and using it as tool to help build bridges.

I’m glad Lena got invited to Thanksgiving finally, although it’s a new level of weird that she doesn’t “know” Kara and Supergirl are the same person. Was that the first time Lena has met Eliza? I can’t remember for sure, but I think it was. I can’t decide if I think Manchester Black knows that Kara is Supergirl or not, but it seems like even though we actually don’t know for sure, it is very possible that both Nia and Manchester know at this point (through powers and/or detecting).

Alex standing up to Colonel Haley at the end was so great and I got the feeling that it might be something that Colonel Haley actually respected.

I LOVED seeing Kara/Supergirl talking to the dragon and telling him he was a good boy! The whole dragon thing was so unexpected anyway and then having them go there with it just made me happy.

Thanks for the great podcast!!

– Jessica

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