Listener Email: Mindwipe Confusion
01 Feb. 2019

Listener Email: Mindwipe Confusion

Cameron sent in some thoughts on the Supergirl season four episode titled, “Blood Memory”!

Hi, Supergirl Radio!

Oh the feels! I’m hoping this episode arc is like when Kara thought J’onn killed Astra and only lasts a few more episodes. Alex being mad at Supergirl is killing me!

Some things that confused me though:

So Kara knows Alex works for the DEO…but, Alex doesn’t know that Kara is an alien and it’s okay for Kara to know about the DEO? Or, she just thinks Haley works at “the lab”? How does that work?

I understand they removed any knowledge that Kara is Supergirl and Kara being an alien, but it shouldn’t have removed memories that Supergirl has saved Alex many times and they’ve worked together nicely. So Alex adopting the same animosity that Haley has towards Supergirl doesn’t really make sense.

I knew Alex not knowing Kara is an alien would totally make her not empathetic to aliens. However, J’onn’s explanation that Alex growing up with Kara as an alien and without that she’s changed doesn’t quite add up because she is still fine with the other aliens in her life like Brainy and J’onn.  Once again…why is she so mad at Supergirl?

Not sure how I feel about that confrontational scene at the Harvest Fest, though. Alex willing to shoot the alien and Supergirl forgot that she had super speed and could’ve intervened that way instead of shooting heat vision at Alex’s hand? I understand Alex not wanting to hurt Bobbi and she said to detain ALL aggressors, but she knew that the Children of Liberty were there with rage drugs to cause havoc so obviously, the aliens would be defending themselves.

One good thing about the main plot: Kara finally told Nia about her secret identity. And at the most perfect time for both of them.

Now in other news, Game Night and James is complaining about an unfair advantage? He apparently forgot about his advantage when he and Lucy went up against Winn and Kara.

But, at least, we got a new Lena outfit. Boardroom, Ballroom, or Family Room edition. Loving Lena’s comfy sweater and Game Night training!

Not sure if James actually looked into the L Corp financials that Mackenzie brought him. But, he has the worst journalistic integrity. Please go back to being a photographer.

– Cameron

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  1. Daryl Washington says:

    You bring up a lot of great points. I enjoyed reading them. I seem to be the only person who doesn’t remember James and Lucy at game night. I need to rewatch that

  2. Good question about what Alex thinks Kara knows about what she does at the DEO during this mindwipe? I’m guessing Alex still thinks that Kara thinks she works with aliens still? The big difference is that according to Haley and this mindwiped version of Alex, Kara wouldn’t be expected to be seen at the DEO.

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