Listener Email: Mentoring Nia
18 Oct. 2018

Listener Email: Mentoring Nia

Gina wrote in to share some thoughts about Fiona’s death, the topical nature of Season 4, and Kara’s new role as mentor in the Season 4 premiere titled “American Alien”!

Hi, Supergirl Radio!

Finally, we have our show back! It’s funny how it feels like it’s been forever when it was the one show that went well into the summer.

I missed the first 30 seconds of the montage because my local TV station’s screen went funky in the very beginning. And I really, really wanted to see it! Either way, it was a complete flip from the season 3 opening scene with a very somber Supergirl, floating above her city at night. Instead, we get this optimistic Supergirl (the one we love the most) who isn’t just over National City, she is all over the world.

I never knew how much I missed her until you see her, all bright and as big as life on screen.

Melissa Benoist is best when she exudes that optimism and hope that Supergirl is supposed to represent. So it’s interesting that her optimism blinded her from what’s really happening in the world. In ways, it’s kind of sad and you want her to continue to have this rosy outlook, but at the same time, J’onn needed to ground her on what he’s seeing.

I am still very wary about the theme of this season. Again, I like the idea of surfacing up today’s social climate, but the wariness comes from how this show has handled any sort of social commentary in the past. To have a whole season (or at least half a season) dedicated to it can go wrong really quickly with its heavy-handedness. And this episode showed it.

Thankfully, it was no “Not Kansas” but there were definite scenes that were too on the nose for me.

I don’t know if either of you are fans of “The Good Place,” but I am sad they killed “Real Elanor” at the end. I liked her character (I think her name was Fiona) a lot and I think there was more they could’ve done with her being an empath.

Oh, Reporter Kara, how much we missed thee! Or, rather, I wished we saw more of thee last season. I love the idea of her mentoring Nia and she has done really well for what we saw this week, but how good of a reporter is Kara? We, the viewers, can’t answer that very well! I’m just happy she still has a job a CatCo.

The scenes with Nia and Kara were wonderful. The growth in Kara’s confidence was nice to see, though sometimes, I do miss “Bumbling-Assistant-to-Cat-Grant” Kara. Nia seems to be a good addition to the cast and I absolutely love James’ comment to Kara about how she was just like Cat in that one moment after her pep talk with Nia. As much as we miss Cat on the show, they’re finally showing what impact she truly had on Kara.

It will be interesting to see Nia’s growth with Kara’s help, both as a reporter and as a superhero.

– Gina

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  1. It wasn’t just your screen that went funky at the beginning of the episode. Mine did as well unfortunately. I’m totally with you on how cool the contrast is between last season’s opening with Supergirl and this season’s opening with Supergirl 😃! It really reinforces how much growth she went through last season! I love how this premiere emphasizes Supergirl’s optimism 😊! Personally, I didn’t mind seeing less of Kara at CatCo last season given how much I love everything else they were doing instead, but I do love Kara at CatCo nonetheless and am happy to be getting more of that now as well! Her interactions with Nia and the parallels to S1 with Cat are super entertaining 😊!

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