Listener Email: The Martian Chronicles
31 Mar. 2017

Listener Email: The Martian Chronicles

We received this email about “The Martian Chronicles” and thought others might like to read it. Thanks (or, should we write “Merci”?) to lolottelab for writing in!

Hi from France! A little word first to say that I LOVE your podcast and I take great pleasure listening to it after work. I have a lot to say about this one so let’s go 😉

This episode was so complete and got a lot of development for many characters. We got a very cute Sanvers scene proving that Maggie is not only an incredible human, but also the best girlfriend in the world. And Agent Vasquez is back.

For the first time in a long time we got to see what was going on in Kara’s head and explore her thoughts. I understand her sadness when Alex told her she had plans and I find it amazing that, as a sister, she let Alex have some fun with Maggie even if she would have preferred her to stay. It truly broke my heart when Kara explained everything during the lockdown, about how Alex was basically her guide in life and how she’s lost when she can’t be here. There was a shot towards the end of the episode where Alex leaves the DEO and Kara is alone and looks at the empty room in front of her. I felt that void and the feeling was so powerful. I think sometimes we forget how much Kara has been through and this episode did a great job at reminding us what she has lost.

It felt so good to see the Danvers sisters talk to each other again and even if Mon-El had to be squeezed into the conversation, them talking about their feelings was something I missed a lot. I am so glad there wasn’t any real drama between the two, even between Alex and Maggie. Communication is essential and the Danvers sisters are very good at it, making them the most important relationship on the show.

I have mixed feelings about how Karamel was handled, but in general I enjoy that Kara has the opportunity to grow without Mon-El even though she’s clearly conflicted about her feelings and it’s still taking a lot of room in her life. Now that he seems to be taking his job more seriously and started a real thing with Eve, I feel like Kara has the alone time she deserves to focus on work and become a better reporter and Mon-El gets to be more enjoyable. For me he’s a good character with great potential and was just poorly written. Less hero wannabe frat boy and more normal daily guy is just what he needs to grow and get better.

The Martian storyline was great. J’onn and M’gann form a powerful duo and have amazing chemistry. Too bad it’s all ruined by M’gann’s departure for Mars. Why is she doing this? She’ll get killed the second she’ll enter Mars’ orbit. Also Sharon Leal is the only woman of color on the show and they get rid of her? That seems like a very bad move to me. I hope she comes back very soon, if not to embrace her superhero self as Miss Martian and be there for J’onn. He deserves to be happy. Also let her be best friends with Kara they could have so much fun together.

The last thing about the characters that was interesting to me was how Kara was a lot more calm when she talked to Winn about Guardian. She’s still upset, but actually worries about her friends. Since it’s the normal thing to do, I can’t blame her or be kind of upset with her behaviour like I was last week. In the end, Kara seems to better tolerate James and Winn as vigilantes and maybe someday, she will be totally fine with it and work with them.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

– lolottelab

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