Listener Email: Making Lena Evil
22 Nov. 2018

Listener Email: Making Lena Evil

Matt wrote in to share some thoughts about Lena Luthor and the Supergirl season four episode titled “Call to Action”!

We love superheroes who at the end of the day are the result of what Lena wants to do, Captain America being a big example of that, and the scientists behind them are not necessarily portrayed as evil.

So far, the only reason we are supposed to believe this is her path to the dark side (judging for the background music and those close-ups) is because of her last name, and I don’t think that’s fair. Making Lena evil sends a bad message, that no matter how much good you do and how much you try to separate yourself from the crappy background you came from, at the end you’ll end up becoming just that. Kinda like the abused becomes the abuser.

So, I hope the writers continue making her a grey character. Also, Lena could work with the U.S. army or the DEO and help them create a super soldier. Alex knows the metahuman heroes from Earth-1, so she knows it’s possible to have good humans with superpowers. This could be the Everyman Project done right.

– Matt

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