Listener Email: Major Cat Grant Vibes
26 Oct. 2018

Listener Email: Major Cat Grant Vibes

Daryl wrote in to share some thoughts on the Season Four episode titled “Fallout”!

It would be so much easier for Kara if she just stopped lying to Lena! The longer Kara lies to her, the worse Lena will take it and Lillian will be proven right (and someone like Lillian must never be proven right). It is very suspicious for Supergirl to show up seconds after Kara left and I wonder how Kara will explain her getting out of the building if Lena doesn’t see her for a while.

For the second week in a row, we get Supergirl casting a suspicious eye on Lena. This time, because of her having the Lexosuit, but I think Lena’s speech brought Supergirl to her side even though this is her “best friend” and she should believe in her no matter what.

I do find myself concerned about how far Lena will go to improve humanity since this is the kind of show that would have something go horribly wrong. Lena gets blamed for the 100th time and…boom! One step closer to Evil. I expect all the goodwill from her speech to quickly disappear if and when Supergirl finds out she kept the black rock.

Whatever happened to Jess, Lena’s old secretary?

If I’m not mistaken, we have seen James at CatCo more in this episode, since he took over, than we ever have before. He still isn’t qualified to be CEO even if he did take over for Cat Grant in Season One. It was strange that happened since he was the newest employee, but he did exhibit leadership qualities I didn’t know he had. It is far past time the show realizes the good he can do as CEO and stop thinking he can only do good in a large metal suit no one asked him to put on in the first place. Cat Grant did so much good as the head of CatCo and she never had to suit up.

I don’t understand James’ concerns over the editorial. CatCo has no competition in National City so his reluctance felt off to me. I was glad to see Nicole pulling her dramatic weight in that scene with Mehcad. I was so sad to see Jensen’s turn towards Mercy and Otis since I was sure Alex would mentor him, to mirror Kara’s mentorship of Nia.

I also felt very sorry for Brainy and just wanted to give him a hug. I find it strange that Agent Liberty would keep his gold mask on during his “Klan Rally”. Didn’t any of those hate mongers question it?

I do wonder how Brainy’s future tech was affected by the hack, but it does give weight to the theory that it’s an L-Corp invention brought back from the future (since we know that L-Corp is around in the future given that they’re the ones who figure out the lead cure for Mon-El.)

I did like Supergirl’s video at the end since it gave me major Cat Grant vibes from Seasons One and Two.

– Daryl

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